Fake Street Signs: “Warning Twin City Cops Easily Startled”

Minneapolis authorities are on the lookout for a protester (or protesters) behind a campaign to ridicule the police. KARE-TV reports that street signs, authentic in appearance, began popping up over the weekend that mocks the police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Justine Damond, an unarmed health instructor. On Monday, transportation crews removed at…

via Fake Street Signs Warn Minneapolis Residents That Police Are ‘Easily Startled’ — News One

6 thoughts on “Fake Street Signs: “Warning Twin City Cops Easily Startled”

  1. Well, the sign is true if the police ‘official’ response is that they were startled by a loud sound. What sort of loud sound has yet to be divulged. Was it a loud fart, belch, trash can falling over, music striking up; complete with clashing cymbals? If ‘TRAINED’ cops are that easily spooked by a loud sound then they have no business being a cop or allowed to carry a gun. So, if someone is setting off ‘legal’ fireworks, and that startles a cop, the person setting off the fireworks should expect to get shot dead if a cop is anywhere close at hand? Their story thus far about being startled into shooting by a loud sound is just pure bunk!

    I say, “The signs should stay!”


      • I would indeed, Dr. Bramhall. And I agree with you, the signs are brilliant! Bravo to whomever thought of them and obviously had the money to have them made especially seeing as how they look just like any other sign on a post!

        Even if they manage to take them all down, I hope that they will continue to put them up, if only to get under the skin of those who will send others to take them down. Not to mention, with the short attention span Americans have, they need constant reminders of what went down.


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