Scientists Uncover Evidence that Cancer is Entirely a Man Made Disease

New study confirms cancer extremely rare prior to industrial revolution.

Journal of People

by SatyaRaj

Alternative News Network | July 22, 2017


Finally Confirmed: Cancer is entirely a man-made disease:

It’s caused mostly by dietary intake and pollution in their environment.

At the University of Manchester’s KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology in England, in 2010, after looking over remains and literature from ancient Greece and Egypt, looked into earlier periods too, a study had included the first historical case of cancer in an Egyptian mummy. 

This published study from Nature Reviews Cancer, notes that researchers only found one case of cancer while looking into hundred of Egyptian mummies.

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2 thoughts on “Scientists Uncover Evidence that Cancer is Entirely a Man Made Disease

  1. I had heard about this years ago and I was not surprised. Even taking into consideration that people are living longer, that still should not be an automatic qualifier for getting cancer. I do think that it is mostly environment and diet. And if that isn’t bad enough, add stress into the equation and you’ve got yourself a recipe for this isease. Unfortunately, I don’t think the outlook on eradicating cancer in the near future looks good.

    Thank you for posting this Dr. Bramhall.


  2. What I found really interesting about this article, Shelby, was its publication by a leftist Marxist blog. Normally you only find such things on sustainability, prepper, anarchist or libertarian sites. It’s good to see the “official” socialists are finally waking up.


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