NATO Wastes Cash on Phony Russian Threat


By Gordon Duff – Veterans Today

‘NATO money spent in wrong places & ways waiting for Russian invasion’

Instead of wasting resources sitting around in Poland and the Baltics waiting for an imaginary Russian invasion, NATO could be shoring up the borders against ISIS terrorists coming to Europe, Adam Garrie, managing editor at The Duran, says.

Interpol has released a list of 173 Islamic State fighters that could be preparing to carry out suicide bombings in Europe. It is thought that their mission is to inflict revenge for recent ISIS defeats in the Middle East.

Those terrorists linked to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) “may have manifested willingness to commit a suicidal attack or martyrdom to support Islam,” the Guardian reported on Friday.

The list includes a profile of each suspect detailing their name, ISIS recruitment date, last known address, home mosque and mother’s name and in some cases, photographs, but it is not suggested the suspects on the list have already entered Europe. . .

Source: RT: NATO Wasted Cash on Phony Russian Threat

3 thoughts on “NATO Wastes Cash on Phony Russian Threat

  1. For sure the Russian threat is phony – but so is ISIS and all the other Western-created so-called Islamic terrorist groups. Europe should focus on solving its own internal problems and stop looking for scapegoats.


  2. Europe needs to unhitch its caboose from the US full stop. I suspect the recent bill the US Congress passed may accomplish just that. Too many EU companies depend on Russia for natural gas.


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