Assange: ‘CIA Not Only Armed Syria’s Insurgents–It Paid Their Salaries’

The CIA also financed (with cocaine profits) freedom fighters to take down the Nicaraguan government in the 1980s. That didn’t turn out too well, either.

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Assange: ‘CIA Not Only Armed Syria’s Insurgents–It Paid Their Salaries’

Published: July 23, 2017

Source: Chris Menahan, Information Liberation

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is continuing his attempt to “take down America any way he can” by accurately reporting the truth.

Saturday on Twitter, Assange highlighted an article from Thursday where the Financial Times noted how many Syrian rebels are getting salaries from the CIA.

Assange said they “buried the lede”:


Financial Times buries the lede. CIA not only armed Syria’s insurgents–it paid their salaries.

At the Aspen Security Forum on Thursday, CIA director Mike Pompeo said, “WikiLeaks will take down America any way they can and find any willing partner to achieve that end.”

Assange responded:


Julian Assange Retweeted WikiLeaks

What sort of America can be “taken down” by the truth?

To be fair, leaking is a…

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4 thoughts on “Assange: ‘CIA Not Only Armed Syria’s Insurgents–It Paid Their Salaries’

  1. No one should be surprised over this! And even though it may be a crime to leak classified documents, I think we should know what dirty and underhanded dealings our secretive operatives are engaging in especially when they lead to wars which will be fought by our children while others who instigated this just sit back and rake in the profits.


  2. You’re right, Shelby. There have been articles on this topic for ages in the blogosphere and Tulsi Gabbard even introduced a bill in Congress to end US funding for the jihadists in Syria (who for the most part aren’t even Syrian). Unfortunately, though, Americans have really short memories and need to be constantly reminded of such things. And it’s good to know that thanks to Wikileaks we now have a paper trail proving it.


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