Canadian Study Gives More Evidence Cancer is a Lifestyle Disease Largely Caused by Food – Waking Times

According to a recent Canadian study, the total proportion of cancer cases related to lifestyle and environmental factors is almost 41%.

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Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Shockingly, worldwide cancer rates are predicted to rise even further, and that by the year 2020, 1-in-2 women and 1-in-3 men will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. It is so common already, in fact, that it getting cancer is more common than getting married or having a first baby.

The cancer industrial complex is negligent in warning people who chemotherapy is now known to actually make some cancers spread and make some tumors more aggressive. Government and its myriad regulatory agencies work diligently to prevent access to natural or alternative cancer treatments, and doctors and the mainstream media give the impression that the causes of cancer are a mystery.

In reality, one can significantly reduce the likelihood of getting cancer by making lifestyle changes, and according to a recently published study out of Canada found that the total…

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6 thoughts on “Canadian Study Gives More Evidence Cancer is a Lifestyle Disease Largely Caused by Food – Waking Times

  1. What a crying shame, that cancer in this day and age of so-called technological advancements, that this is still such an insidious plague; the plague of cancer-related deaths.

    And one sad fact is that when they tell cancer patients that they no longer have cancer; that it’s ‘cured’, they are telling them an out and out lie! Cancer, once it invades the body, even after extensive chemo, does not just vanish into thin air. It lingers, remains dormant and then comes back aggressively. I have seen this times too numerous to count.

    Take Olivia Newton-John for instance, she had breast cancer back in 1991 and they’ve rediscovered it in her now and in a most aggressive form. So after more than two decades, her cancer returned and with a vengeance. This happened to a ‘step aunt’ of mine and to many other people I know.

    How there can be no ‘cure’ for this horrifying diagnosis is just ridiculous. But if people can help stave this off in any way by at least watching what they consume, we should be doing so.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Dr. Bramhall.

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  2. Hi Shelby. How lovely to hear from you. I have really missed you and your posts. I really worry about you – especially after you revealed a little about your horrible lifestyle experiences in Baltimore. And for the last four days I have been having problems with WordPress and seem to be unable to follow any blogs (including yours) by email. I can only see them in the Reader. I have been trying to sort this out with a WordPress techie named Jason but after your experience with WordPress I’m not terrible confident.

    What you say about cancer is only too true. It seems we have some control over the foods we eat but very little with the toxic chemicals we are exposed to in the air and water. I have been a strong campaigner here in New Zealand to ban a number of industrial chemicals – with a small number of wins but not nearly as many as I would like.


    • Well, Dr. Bramhall, I have not been doing so good. I have been traveling around a lot in an attempt to find somewhere else to hang my hat seeing as how me and Baltimore ain’t hitting it off and that is putting it mildly. I am almost at the point whereas I need a straight jacket. Come out of retirement please! I need your therapeutic couch on which to lie and confess my mental stress points and to figure out if there is any solutions.

      You aren’t seeing any blogs from me because I’ve only posted two most recently. I have not blogged since the last of May. I have been out of the states looking over prospects of where I want to live and I’ve decided to just return to my little hometown seeing as how I got another call that my mother’s house is falling into disrepair while she is still occupying it and for me to please come quick.

      Now, I am having to pack up my own stuff and get going. Not to mention that I am also still dealing with my crazy, shot up cousin. Life is not a bowl of cherries for me, Dr. Bramhall, not at all.

      And as for Worstpress, I wish you well with getting any help from that lot seeing as how they do nothing but add to our problems, what with their ‘fixes’ of things that don’t need fixing.

      I truly hope that all has been well with you as I have missed your oh, so relevant posts and that is why I have been archiving them to my heart’s content. You, as well, have been most sorely missed. How much blogging I will be doing in the future is anyone’s guess right now, what with so much madness coming down the pike and headed in my direction.

      Dr. Bramhall, take care!


      • Sorry, to hear that things are so difficult right now, Shelby. I know you have a really kind heart to be so concerned about your cousin and to respond to your mother’s need for help. I sure hope you have other support in your home town – or at least some way to get some distance if there is tension between you. The way you describe her she sounds like a really complicated lady.

        I myself am really struggling with some health issues right now – a chronic intestinal infection that makes it quite difficult to sleep at night. But I find one really good thing about getting older is that I can get by fairly well on less sleep. I don’t seem to suffer as much as young people do.

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        • I am also suffering from an intestinal infection and no one can explain what it is. I have diverticulosis but that diagnosis was not given to me for my most recent bout of gut infection. It would seem that no matter how ‘healthy’ we eat, we still have issues especially when our family history is plagued with gastrointestinal problems. I am also not doing well, physically even though my doctors have told me that they can find nothing wrong with me. I guess they will soon declare that I am suffering from a severe attack of nerves. However, I do know a pain when I feel one and despite their so-called ‘remedies’, I am getting no better.

          I do, however, hope that yours will quickly resolve itself and that you will find yourself, right as rain, in no time.

          Again, I beseech you to take care of yourself Dr. Bramhall! As we grow older, it seems harder to do!


          • Interesting. I saw a gastrointestinal specialist in 2012 Sydney who diagnosed me with clostridium difficile. You can treat it with antibiotics but because you can’t kill the spores it always comes back. He recommended stool transplants (to replace the healthy intestinal bacteria which is missing). It seems to work for a lot of people – but not for me. I think I’ve probably had it too long (24 years). The stool transplants seem to work better for people with acute infections.

            I also tried the GAPS diet which seems to work for a lot of people, as well as a number of other remedies. I have a number of friends here in New Plymouth who have it so when a new treatment comes out we all try it. Someone recently recommended I get a dog – owning pets helps improve your intestinal bacteria. Another friend recommended a goat as better.


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