California Declares Roundup a Toxic Cancer-causing Chemical

Glyphosate weed killer is sold under numerous brand names, but the most widely used is Roundup, manufactured by the Monsanto company.

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Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

This is very good news. Remember too if you are aware of the glyphosate in Roundup, that it’s in many other herbicides as well so check your labels. See our Glyphosate pages for more information and our presentation of the evidence against glyphosate to the Rangitikei District Council (all dismissed as mere extrapolation). Nevertheless the one thing you can do as regards council slathering it everywhere is go on the no spray register to prevent them spraying it on your property frontage. Do this at your council office. You can also enlighten folk as to its toxicity as most (like I once did) believe what the label says. Gone are the days friends. This product caused huge tumours in lab rats. Read the evidence for yourself. All on our pages.

This is from NaturalHealth365

(NatualHealth365) In a win for consumer rights and safety, the OEHHA (California Office…

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6 thoughts on “California Declares Roundup a Toxic Cancer-causing Chemical

  1. Great news not all liberal lunatics from the sanctuary state think alike, how about a ban on VHWMTRAILS. WATCH FRANKENSKIES ON YOUTUBE AND KRISTEN MEGHANS AIR FORCE GEO ENGINEERING EXPOSE.


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  3. In my experience, John, what passes for “liberal” in California is actually CIA funded left gatekeeping foundations. Then the CIA-controlled media whips up an intense frenzy about how awful “liberals’ and the “left” are – when what they’re really talking about is actually the left wing of the CIA. All I care about is whether groups are anti-corporate or pro-corporate. For me, that’s the only distinction that matter.


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