4 thoughts on “Programmer Automates Data Entry Job – Should They Tell Employer?

  1. I once worked at a pickle factory in a rural 5-college farming community. It was the only job available off-campus, if you stayed in the area thru the summer. The grad students smashed the jars in the back room as fast as we could stuff them with pickles. It kept us employed all summer, (at $1.45/hr).


  2. “Is it unethical for me to not tell my employer I’ve automated my job?”

    Not at all. What is unethical is the automation of work that does not actually lessen the burden of labour on workers. You are in fact blazing the way to a better world!

    In this context, an originally reactionary rule might be retooled to purpose, to become eminently progressive: “Don’t ask, don’t tell!”


  3. Thanks for commenting, Norman. The thing that amazes me is that someone actually sent this question in to a work etiquette website. There was a time – when unions were actively educating their workers – when working people were more directly conscious of their own exploitation.


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