The End Of A Growing Consumer Base… And The Beginning Of The Decline

Recession and depression (the absence of growth) will be unending as a declining population will consume less (no amount of rate cuts and subsequent debt accumulation can mask the declining demand).

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Authored by Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog,

In 1960, the core population (25-54yr/olds)of the OECD nations (US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, most the EU, UK,Turkey, Israel,Japan, S. Korea, Australia, NZ) was a couple millionlarger than the combined core of CRB (China, Russia, and Brazil). Since that time, OECD population growth has slowed to a crawl and it wasCRB’s growth that drove the global consumer base tonew heights. However, 2017 is a monumental yearwhen those counting will notice something missing…growth. A simple count of the corepopulationsin the nations that consume over 70% of earths crude oil and nearly 80% of all global exports shows thatthe core populations of the OECDand the combined CRBbegin outright shrinking as of 2018 (chart below).

Abnormally high population growth ended decades ago but only nowhas the wave crestedin thecritical heart of these nations economies…the 25-54yr/olds who drive economic growth. These are not projections but simply moving theexisting,smaller…

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