3.5 Billion Unknowingly Poisoned By Airlines Each Year?*

There’s a flurry of global reporting on new research from Stirling University (hosted on the WHO website that confirms a clear pattern of and chronic symptoms ranging from breathing and vision problems, to neurological ones like headaches and dizziness in passengers exposed air blown from engines into aircraft cabins.

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3.5 Billion Unknowingly Poisoned By Airlines Each Year?*

By Sayer Ji

It’s been five months since our first investigative report about the serious health hazards associated with modern air travel: “Asbestos of the Sky” – The Aviation Industry’s Darkest Coverup.

I wish the title of the article were hyperbole, but it really is that dark, and the cover-up stretches over half a century, being no less devastating to public health than other agendas you may already be familiar with such as Big Tobacco’s Smoking-Cancer link and the CDC’s Vaccine-Autism coverup.

The proof is in how many people still know absolutely nothing about the devastating health risks of bleed-air being fed directly into the cabins of planes from their engines.

Thankfully, the tides are beginning to shift. There has been a flurry of global reporting on new research from Stirling University hosted on the WHO’s website that confirms there is a clear pattern of…

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15 thoughts on “3.5 Billion Unknowingly Poisoned By Airlines Each Year?*

  1. I recently boarded a Delta Airlines flight from NYC to Orlando. I was sitting in the last row and smelled exhaust the entire time I was squeezed into a seat too small for me. (I’m not big). When I mentioned it I was stared at like I was a young child speaking nonsense. Better yet, we were on the plane for hours and never left Kennedy Airport. The flight was cancelled. The entire airline industry is corrupt and care nothing for their customers. We need to take them down.


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