Corbyn Bookies’ Favourite as Next Prime Minister

It was the young that all voted for Corbyn wasn’t it?  Or was it all the old codgers who allowed Theresa May to remain in office with the help of some religious terrorists?

How dare I disparage older people?  Yet it is somehow okay to blame ‘young people’ and infer they are all naive and have the idealism of youth?   And rest assured the usual suspects of the Tory Party, the right-wing media and all the political commentators who got the result so so wrong ARE blaming ‘young people’ for THEIR failure and incompetence!!

Now that I have that off my chest – and by the way I’m in my early 50’s – let’s have a look at who voted by age and a few other descriptors according to the Lord Ashcroft data which holds many surprises.

Voting by Age



The figures are all percentages of each age group and only record a CON or a LAB vote and hence do not add up to 100.  We see that between them the two main parties got between 79% and 85% of all votes by age group thus 15% – 21% voted for other parties such as Lib Dem, SNP etc. . .

Source: GE Voting the facts and Corbyn is the bookies favourite as the next PM!

2 thoughts on “Corbyn Bookies’ Favourite as Next Prime Minister

  1. The Media Denial and Political Cognitive dissonance are staggering. So many bubbles to burst and so little time till the next election potentially. I urge Caution on Labour taking up the reins too soon. I would prefer a Grand Coalition Government similar to Churchill and Atlee in 1940 so that the Tory Party has Skin in the game and the Neo-Liberal NMoney power stooges from the Blairite Wing of the Labour Party and the Neo-Liberal, Thatcherite super-sizers in the Tory party have political skin in the Game as all will be forced into the tent.

    A lot of deflection and projection and general choking on Crow Pie has been going on but the Media who of course did not merely get this wrong they actively sought to prevent anything of the sort from happening.

    The turnout was around 68% low by 1992 and 97 standards, Lord Ashcroft’s predictions easily adapted for Higher turnout showed that turnout was Key. The Survation Chief Executive in a very nice before and after Interview Said He felt no enquiry would be needed about how everyone else got it so wrong, To him, he said it was Obvious, Bumping up against a very determined bubble there, Hats off to Him.

    The post match interview is on the BBC I Player.


  2. Very wise advice, Roger. I see a lot of ways in which Corbyn doesn’t go nearly far enough. If I were Corbyn, I would be using my prestige to lobby for proportional representation (which they have in nearly every industrialized country except for the UK, the US and Canada). This would ensure that ordinary people wouldn’t have such an uphill battle in trying to elect candidates that truly represent them. I would also be using my prestige to fight for true monetary reform, ie ending the ability of private banks to create money out of thin error and restoring this function to publicly accountable government bodies. Doing this would totally eliminate the necessity for Labour to walk a tightrope when they call for restoring public services without increasing borrowing and debt. With this type of monetary reform, government could create money themselves (by spending it into the economy through social programs) instead of borrowing it from banks.

    This was how Roosevelt implemented the New Deal to help the US recover from the Great Depression. He created approximately $15 billion of new money and spent it into the economy on economic recovery programs. He wanted to create $100 billion (to replace the $100 billion lost in the crash) but ran into major opposition from Congress.

    I’m sure Corbyn is well aware of such concepts, and I feel really disappointed he doesn’t use his access to the media to promote them.


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