Deported US Veterans In Tijuana Prepare To Meet With Members of Congress



By Jean Guerrero

A group of deported veterans in Tijuana spent Memorial Day preparing for an important meeting with seven members of Congress.

The purpose of the meeting, which will take place Saturday, is to discuss details of a bill that could allow some of the deported veterans return to the United States.

Known as the Veterans Visas and Protection Act, it would also help veterans without legal status in the U.S. become lawful residents.

More than 200 veterans have been deported from the U.S., according to a 2016 report from the American Civil Liberties Union. Many were unaware they were not automatically granted citizenship after their service and, as as a result, did not apply.

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Source: Deported US Veterans In Tijuana Prepare To Meet With Members of Congress

3 thoughts on “Deported US Veterans In Tijuana Prepare To Meet With Members of Congress

  1. I find this astonishing – combat veterans coming home to the US after serving in the US military and then being deported? Serving in the US military used to be an automatic avenue to citizenship, but I guess the legislation has changed.


  2. What I don’t understand is this, wasn’t it known that they were illegals when they were signed up for the military? And how could they have been signed up for the military without the military knowing they were undocumented? This makes no sense. And the government had no issue with these people when they were sending them to foreign lands to kill or be killed but when they made it back, deportation time? I am not surprised that this happened, not at all. It is just like the U.S. government and the military to do something like this.


  3. They knew perfectly well they were illegals – in fact I suspect they were recruited. I can recall some publicity that came out around 2003 about serving in the military as a path to citizenship. The US was seriously short of boots on the ground trying to defeat major local insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan simultaneously and apparently this was seen as a solution. I guess there must have been some law change at some point. I’m not surprised either to be honest. The people who run the US government have no moral scruples – in fact most are deeply corrupt. Thanks for commenting.


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