Honest Accounts 2017: How the world profits from Africa’s wealth

The countries of Africa are net creditors to the rest of the world, to the tune of $41.3 billion in 2015 – as the western world continues to loot their rich resources.

Journal of People

Jubilee Debt Campaign | May 24, 2017

Research for this report calculates the movement of financial resources into and out of Africa and some key costs imposed on Africa by the rest of the world. We find that the countries of Africa are collectively net creditors to the rest of the world, to the tune of $41.3 billion in 2015.1 Thus much more wealth is leaving the world’s most impoverished continent than is entering it.

Honest Accounts 2017: How the world profits from Africa’s wealth

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5 thoughts on “Honest Accounts 2017: How the world profits from Africa’s wealth

  1. Well, in my opinion, the Africans are partly to blame for this. Why would they continuously allow this rape and pillage to continue? If those different factions over there would stop fighting and get together to drive outsiders from Africa, they would be able to build up their own nations instead of letting other nations build up their infrastructure like China and others are doing just so that they will have roads and bridges to haul Africa’s resources out of there. The Africans, it would seem, have learned nothing after all this time. I can certainly understand why my Black ass is sitting in America if what is still going on in Africa is anything to go by.


    • Shelby, I’m inclined to agree with UZA’s comment. Europeans’ conquest of Africa continues to be brutal, violent and totalitarian. Earlier today, I posted an Al Jazeera video produced this year describing the current US occupation of the Sahara region to better exploit their rich resources.

      As for “factions” – after coming to understand all the so-called factions the CIA created in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, etc, I’ve decided to never again accept the “factions” described in the corporate media at face value. I’ve promised myself to look for the hidden hand of the CIA behind every “faction” I come across – I usually find it, even in Africa.

      Some of the hidden history the Al Jazaeera documentary exposes is all Muammar Gaddafi’s efforts to unify Africa to better resist western colonialism. We all know what happened to him.


  2. Bear in mind that it was the 0,1 %: the kings, merchants, priesthoods and secret societies of the nations of Europe that plundered Africa, the Americas and elsewhere during the infamous “age of discovery; and, they waxed rich from this; never giving us a chance to recover or stand up; using force, fear and violence; and, breaking their spirits as plantation slaves;

    And, it is always the greedy and power hungry 1% that sell the 99% down the river; but, in the end, only the 0,1 % global elite kings, merchants and priesthoods benefit;

    Today, this evil system hiding behind the military/industrial/bank/bar complex has turned us all into plantation slaves; and, it does not matter where your ass is sitting, or what colour it is, you are a plantation slave; and, they are turning the taps off; at any point they can seize all your accounts and leave you fighting for your life;

    And, if we had to be anywhere in the world, we would choose Southern Africa; and, we have great hopes for our people; a lawful rebellion is brewing; we are going to restore the authority of the people; and, re-claim EVERYTHING that was stolen from us; gold, silver, diamonds, heritage, artefacts, the works; there is no statutes of limitations on fraud; nothing;

    Just like Judge Anna did, we are filing commercial liens over the next 2 months; we are calling for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission into the banking and bar legal system; illicit capital flows, gold manipulation, resource theft, the works; it has been prophesied that change will come from Mama Afrika; and, it is; we are proud of our African culture and heritage; we are proud to be an African with a white ass; and, soon even Africans will be proud to be Africans, again; like their ancestors were;

    Let us not forget Acts 18: 26 And has made of one blood all nations of men, for to dwell on all the face of the earth,

    And, that we all have the blood of mitochondrial Eve of Africa in us; together, we stand as people… or fall apart; in peace


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