Fukushima prognosis and how radioactivity affects the body: Medical facts from Dr. Helen Caldicott

Great summary of the health effects of nuclear radiation.


biological effect of radiation.jpg

With specific information on Tritium, Strontium 90, Cesium 137, radioactive Iodine 131, and Plutonium.

By Helen Caldicott, Volume 4, Issue 2 2014, Australian Medical Student Journal

…Fukushima is now described as the greatest industrial accident in history.

The Japanese government was so concerned that they were considering plans to evacuate 35 million people from Tokyo, as other reactors including Fukushima Daiini on the east coast were also at risk. Thousands of people fleeing from the smoldering reactors were not notified where the radioactive plumes were travelling, despite the fact that there was a system in place to track the plumes. As a result, people fled directly into regions with the highest radiation concentrations, where they were exposed to high levels of whole-body external gamma radiation being emitted by the radioactive elements, inhaling radioactive air and swallowing radioactive elements. [2] Unfortunately, inert potassium iodide was not supplied, which would have blocked…

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22 thoughts on “Fukushima prognosis and how radioactivity affects the body: Medical facts from Dr. Helen Caldicott

  1. Can only imagine the devastation to come, a massive die off globally, but especially Japan. I believe this was a deliberate attack by The Khazarian Mafia. I also believe that the Synagogue of Satan is a millennia old Luciferian Pedophile Cannibal break away society that feeds on the Blood of Children and processes their remains into sausage and hamburger and feeds it to the GOYIM, like us. See the Rabbi Abe Finklestein, youtube video confess to the fact. Kosher, among other things means, No Human Meat inside, safe for Jews. I may live in a science fiction fantasy world, or may not. Ask Tweedledee or Tweedledum and you will get whatever answer you are seeking. I am of the Hatter’s opinion. By the way two of my favorite movies ever.


          • I have been watching Richie from Boston on Youtube. He has much to say about CERN and Chemtrails. They Chemtrails us here everyday and I wonder do they do this to you as well ?


              • what do you think is the motive, the agenda, Dr. is it related to Cern and opening the gates of Hell or just good old euthanasia vis cancer and autisim, a screen to block radiation or viewing the return of Nibiru ????


                  • But many are not really dead or out in public but living deep underground. It is alleged that there are only about 8000 families that own the world .


                    • It’s impossible to grow nutritious food underground with artificial light and an artificial atmosphere. Experiments attempting to grow healthy food in space have been a disaster.

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                    • Nice to know they will have sick bodies to match their minds. I am not sure I believe we have ever been in space or that the earth is round. HOW DID THEY EVER PASS THROUGH THE VAN ALLEN BELTS IN UNSHIELDED VEHICLES ?

                      AS ridiculous as it sounds please research the flat earth theory and consider the fates of Admiral Richard Bird and Secretary of Defense James Forrestal. Also if you fly around a globe you would need to always adjust your nose downward or you would constantly gain altitude, but


                    • But, a round earth certainly makes practical sense . Here is another simple trst, the old ships at sea disappearing over horizon, this is alleged by flat earher to be simple perspective and if you took out a telescope you would see the entire ship not just the tip of it.


                    • why does no one fly from Australia to South America over the south pole even though it is much shoryer, as one does over the north pole ?


                    • Look at Richie from Bostons videos on you tube concerning the fake nasal space maps of earth.


  2. As for radiation spreading , I have seen the videos of the west coast of America and the tidal pools that are devoid of all life, and the massive multi-species die offs washed up on beaches. Surfers beware, the Big Kahuna is a Monster. Spicey Tuna Sushi ,Hmmm, no thanks, I understand in NEW ZEALAND, there are many HOT used Jap cars on the market, dumped there, like many millions of gallons of waste from Daichi, that has been also taken by tanker to the southern ocean for dumping. What do you hear, Dr. B ?( besides the creaking of my splintered frontal lobe)


  3. We hear very little here in New Zealand outside what’s shared on the Internet. Japan (one of the only non-English speaking right hand drive countries) has been dumping secondhand cars here for decades so it wouldn’t surprise me if there were a few hot ones.


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