Thousands Across UK Flock to Hear Corbyn Speak, Ignored by MSM

Britain’s Bernie Sanders. I wonder if the UK is as good at vote rigging as the US – I’m sure the CIA will be happy to help them out.


While May dodges questions and makes limp speeches to tiny pre-selected audiences, Corbyn’s campaign is attracting large crowds all over the country. The news cameras are there, the journalists follow along, but very little to nothing of the size and enthusiasm of Corbyn’s rallies makes it onto the nightly news in the UK

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7 thoughts on “Thousands Across UK Flock to Hear Corbyn Speak, Ignored by MSM

    • It’s a good sign all right, Simon. But I can’t help but worry the Manchester bombing yesterday will dampen young people’s enthusiasm for these mass rallies. Interesting coincidence, don’t you think?


      • Interesting that you mention that because it may well stall Lab’s progress. But are you really suggesting that this is all contrived? Have you seen the latest from T May BTW?


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