Pence Begins Presidential Campaign Unofficially

Do we really want this man at President? The liberals baying for Trump’s impeachment need to think long and hard about what they’re doing. For one thing, TPP will be back on the table the day after Pence gets in.

Astute News

On Wednesday, May 17th, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who has built his political career as both a fundamentalist Christian, and a client of the libertarian Koch brothers’ extensive fundraising network, made his unofficial but starting bid to become the U.S. President: he formed an organization to raise funds from billionaires and centi-millionaires, in order for Pence to be able to distribute those wealthy investors’ funds to Republican politicians (especially to ones in the U.S. Senate and House) whom Pence favors, and who might reasonably then be expected to return that favor by their supporting a Pence bid to become the U.S. President. Of course, the Presidency is the only American political office that’s higher than Pence’s current one, the Vice Presidency.

This type of organization is called a “leadership PAC,” and the donors to it are thereby entrusting to the politician who has formed it, that politician’s ability and…

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6 thoughts on “Pence Begins Presidential Campaign Unofficially

  1. I seriously believe that Trump is deliberately courting impeachment by being so outrageous and doing everything possible for the democratic party hounds to bray for his impeachment so that then he can go back to doing what it is he actually wants to do. Trump, in my opinion, did not really want to be president. I mean, look how many times he threw his hat into the ring and nothing ever came of it, but this time, he was taken seriously and I don’t think he meant to be taken seriously. Not unless he knows something we don’t, which is entirely possible.

    Also, it could be possible that this was planned. That Pence would take over the reigns because we all know that Pence is hard core and wants to be president and as bad as things are now, Pence will make Trump look like a kinder, gentler Hitler.


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