Only Total Non-Compliance Can Achieve Freedom – How to Build Communities

Historical fact: if too many people regularly break the law, police won’t enforce it.

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“…The state is often an airtight, all powerful crushing force: this is especially apparent if you look at sanctions, borders, taxes, and things of that nature. However, deep in the crevices of a country, where the authorities don’t find it practical to enforce a law, there exists an opportunity to turn the “law” on its head”:

‘Only Total Non-Compliance Can Achieve Freedom’, How to Build Communities

From my perspective, the last few years have been pretty bleak for activists, the alt media, and people who care about a future. People want to be free, and the overwhelming force of the state is not about to let people just exit the system and be free. It makes people feel hopeless.

Mark Passio expressed the feelings of many activists well in this video: a lot of us are getting cynical, wanting to do something truly meaningful and effective

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2 thoughts on “Only Total Non-Compliance Can Achieve Freedom – How to Build Communities

  1. Stu, not only non-compliance, but taking lawful action, too;

    Everything begins and ends with the law; maxim- in the same manner that a thing is bound, it is loosed;

    So, it is time to take emancipation/redemption/expatriation seriously; of all judicial activists, Judge Anna is the most educated; and, over 11 million people have read her educational articles; see

    For America, she recommends everyone use the Handbook of Michigan Jural Assembly; and, follow the steps;

    Steps To Setting Up Your State General Jural Assembly=Grand Jury Assembly and Settling Your State:

    Every community ought to follow this emancipation/expatriation/redemption process;

    Establish local then national jural assemblies and militias; and, thereby also create a uniform international common law and customary process; each country, their districts and states ought to adapt and change the information on this site for themselves; and, put together a handbook for other districts and states;

    The next step is to declare a Truth & Reconciliation Commission into banks, fed, bar legal system and summons them; try them in absentia and serve warrants of arrest; and, then authorise militias to make arrests; it won’t be easy and will require mass action;

    The law of necessity of self-preservation of Life obligates us to a lawful rebellion against absolute despotism, imposters and tyrants; The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in the preamble – “Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law”.

    Only we, the people can save ourselves by taking lawful action; a.r.r.; in peace;


    • Good point, UZA. Personally I don’t feel any strong compulsion to break the law – but a creative well-planned civil disobedience can be extraordinarily effective in disrupting business as usual – and interfering with profit taking. That’s one thing the Wall Street elites hate more than anything – watching money go down the drain.


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