The Millionaires Who Supposedly Represent Us

My Ballot

Press TV (2016)

Film Review

My Ballot is a Press TV documentary examining which examines whether the millionaires who run Congress can ever represent ordinary Americans facing job loss, pay cuts and school closures. The choice of presenter, a guileless young African American named Robert Sughie, is brilliant. The best segment of the film shows him wandering around the halls of Congress, calling up the net worth of each representative on his Smartphone as he prepares to visit their office. Not a single congressional staffer agrees to speak to him – by phone or in person.

The documentary is chock full of shocking facts about the US Congress. Such as

  • More than half of congressional representatives are millionaires (It’s worse than the Roman senate).
  • In 2014, only 9% of Americans approved of Congress, a worse approval rating than King George enjoyed during the American Revolution.
  • Unlike most democracies, Congress isn’t election by majority rule, but by a simple plurality (ie one more vote than any other candidate). Because the US doesn’t hold run-off elections, representatives can be elected by as little as 30-40% of the vote.
  • From the day they take office, congressional representatives spend 75% of their time fundraising for their next campaign. A big reason why they allow corporate lobbyists to write legislation for them – they have no time to focus on developing policies of their own.

8 thoughts on “The Millionaires Who Supposedly Represent Us

  1. Our system of ‘governing’ is SO not working, it is ridiculous! Of course those lying corrupt snakes don’t care about the ‘middle class’ and what is the definition of ‘middle class’ these days? People who are hanging on by a thread to a roof over their head? And the ‘poverty class’ is now those who are homeless? So, how would any of those snakes slithering around Washington ever be able to empathize with the plight of the ‘middle class’? Those corrupt worms don’t have an ounce of empathy or compassion for anyone, nor would they even know what empathy and compassion were if the two ever got within sniffing distance of that vermin.

    I feel dirty just listening to this video. I can’t even take the whole thing!

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  2. You make some great points, Shelby. The problem I see is that the current system of governing is working great for the corrupt ruling elite. If you really want to feel dirty, have a look at this video on why Trump isn’t going to be impeached (apparently he can blackmail too many people):


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