The Failing Empire: No Use Trying to Pretty It Up

Guest Post by Shelby Courtland

Shelby left this great comment on an article I posted yesterday by Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese (Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese: The Failing Empie). The original article raises important points but is a little too PC for my tastes. I think the time has come to be confront head on the obscene reality of 21st century America, which Shelby does very eloquently with her comment. You can read her blog at

Basically, what this is saying is that, “The U.S. is dog shit!” That’s the truth of the matter and there’s no use attempting to pretty it up.

When the focus of this hole is to continuously roam around the globe starting up shit while neglecting what’s going on on the home front, what is going down, is going to go down. When the focus is continuously on building up a military, and I mean, missiles and drones, to the detriment of our infrastructure, education, health and welfare of our citizens, this is what happens. When the world gets fed up with the fact that the U.S. has taken hypocrisy to the extreme by shouting about how humanitarian it is while bombing countries for no reason, the world will eventually get tired of this and make this hole redundant which is what is happening now.

Millions of people in the United States are living in poverty; their situation is akin to them living in a third world country. Millions have simply given up looking for a job. And yet, the government would have you think that the jobs rate is excellent and that we are actually adding jobs. That is a lie! Adult children have moved back in with their parents because they cannot afford to live on their own. Rents are just too high and who can afford a mortgage and all that entails with owning a home? It is impossible for millions. Home ownership is a nightmare! It is no American dream. Homeless tent cities are in every state. Waiting lists for affordable housing would wrap around this globe times too numerous to count. But we have got fake money to pay for military weapons so that we can ignore what’s going down here and concentrate on dropping the Mother Of All Bombs on Afghanistan and for what? For nothing. It is merely a distraction and a ruse to continue to pay for more bombs while children sit in schools hungry while receiving a substandard education. This hole is done for and now the whole world is aware of this and is acting accordingly. Many of us called it and now, we are finally vindicated because what we said would happen is what is happening now!

And a Trump sideshow, dropping MOABs in Afghanistan and a fake ass ploy about Russia interfering with the elections is just another attempt to deflect from all that is going down because they’ve got nothing! And when you’re playing cards and yours is not the hand to beat, you bluff. Well, the bluff is being called, and the cards are on the table and they stink! So, yes, this ’empire’ is finally in its death throes. “Death to the empire!”

10 thoughts on “The Failing Empire: No Use Trying to Pretty It Up

  1. Dear, Shelby. You see right through the wizard’s curtain. I try to stay detached, but when I read “This hole is done for and now the whole world is aware of this and is acting accordingly,” I almost started hyper-ventilating.

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    • Bless your heart JoAnn! I just call it like I see it. And since the time has past for pretty, flowery descriptions for what is going down, it is time to take the gloves off and call it what it is. People got it bad! They’ve got it worse than bad! And it is going to get even uglier but economists and half-steppers want to sit back and pretend that we should all just take a moment and consider that we may just come out of this only needing a Band-Aid. Ain’t gonna happen. We are in deep poo-poo and will be quite literally sinking in it before too long. But we are told that it is only a little slime and so play in it. Nothing doing.

      JoAnn, thanks!

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  2. These are dangerous times for the empire. With a man like The Donald – who loves playing with missiles while enjoying the best chocolate cake ever – at the helm, the unthinkable becomes possible.


    • And another sad fact Rosaliene, is that Trump is contemplating sending 5,000 additional troops into Afghanistan when he, himself declared 5 deferments to get out of getting sent to Vietnam. Now, how foul is that? Too foul for words! There he sits, having not one problem at all over sending some other mother’s children to war when he, himself wouldn’t go. I am too enraged for words, most days!


  3. Yes, and check out China’s new “Silk Road” project. Mutual benefits for everyone involved – and all the US government people can say is “Look at China trying to extend its influence”.


    • I am, Alan. With great interest. China and its allies just go from strength to strength economically – and all the US can due can rant and rave and spew all this rhetoric about annihilating them with a nuclear first strike. That being said, I heard a different analysis of all this saber rattling yesterday – that it was a mere distraction from Trump’s failure to repeal Obamacare and deport legal migrants with dark skin.

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