5 Sustainability Resources Your Town Needs

To be sustainable all towns need a community garden(s), a seed library, community compost, a tool library and several re-stores. New Plymouth has 3 out 5 but still needs a tool library. Hopefully food waste collection and community compost will come out of the Zero Waste proposal being developed by New Plymouth District Council.

Green World Hypothesis

My spouse and I just moved from Ithaca, NY to St. Paul, MN. I had known leading up to our move to Ithaca that it was a hippy Mecca, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised to learn about the forward-thinking resources in the Twin Cities.

  1. At least one community garden

This one is pretty obvious, but if your town doesn’t have a community garden I highly recommend one. A community garden is a great place for apartment, condo, townhouse, and city dwellers to grow some of their own food. Plots vary in size. Small plots tend to be about 10×10 ft., but our local community garden offers 15×20 ft. plots. We are sharing one with my parents-in-law this season, and I will report back on our progress. Community gardens aren’t just a great resource for gardeners. Many community gardens set aside a few plots to grow donations for a local food…

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