Air Pollution Biggest Environmental Risk to Kids’ Health

Protecting Children from the Environment.

Every year air pollution kills 570,000 children. With all the challenges children face, the air they breathe shouldn’t be one of them.

Exposure to air pollution may also increase children’s lifelong risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.

via Air Pollution and Children — DES Daughter Network

5 thoughts on “Air Pollution Biggest Environmental Risk to Kids’ Health

  1. Whoever drew up the first designs for apartments should be shot! People who grow up in apartments are always less healthy than people who grew up in single family homes if there was no smoking going on within the home. I am just thankful that I was one of the lucky ones who never had to deal with apartment living and all that comes with it. I am also thankful that I grew up in farm country and had the benefit of fresh vegetables and fruits and also activity was encouraged. We were told to get outside and play and there was no obesity epidemic nor was everyone walking around needing all up and down on medications to control their diabetes.

    This is also why I am against the legalization of weed because children will have even more issues because in addition to cigarette smoke, they will also be inhaling weed smoke, add to that apartment living and there’s your recipe for disastrous health statistics in young children and babies. We cannot have it both ways. We either clean up our act or suffer the consequences and it looks as though we’d rather suffer the consequences. Children have it bad enough suffering from lead paint poisoning.


  2. In general, Shelby, I think the move towards concentrated urban leaving has been a disaster forced upon us by the rise of industrial farming and the death of the family farm. Increasingly farm workers were replaced by farm machinery and had no choice but to move to the city to seek work. And then factories moved overseas and the cities lost all their good manufacturing jobs. So now young people have no choice but to work in the minimum wage service industry, if they can find work at all.

    Fortunately this trend seems to be changing, on the West Coast at least. I see this with the rise of Greenhorns and similar organizations providing funding and training for young people to get access to to land to start organic orchards and farms.


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