New study suggests diet soda increases risk of dementia, stroke

Diet soda is often perceived to be healthier than regular soda – but a new study suggests that artificially sweetened soda may increase the risk of dementia and stroke in those who drink it.

7 thoughts on “New study suggests diet soda increases risk of dementia, stroke

  1. I’ve never had a diet soda and I never would drink a diet soda. It’s water for me because I have known all along without anyone having had to tell me that diet sodas were bad for us. That should have been a given. Sigh! But then again, I remember when Sunlight dish lotion came on the market, people were drinking it simply because it stated that there was ‘Real Lemon Juice’ in it and wondering why they were getting sick. I just cannot make this shit up! And then we wonder why we are in the shape we are in. I don’t. Just look at the facts. Because remember, truth really IS stranger than fiction.

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  2. I used to have a pretty bad Diet Coke habit, for a good number of years. Like, probably 20 :-/ We’re constantly told this or that thing is bad for us (and often those warnings are later reversed), so I mostly tuned them out.

    I liked Diet Coke’s less-sweet taste (and the energy boost from the caffeine) and felt like it kept me from consuming too much sugar. In reality, it kept me desensitized to sweetness – which IMO is a contributing factor in our diabetes epidemic.

    I haven’t been one for regular sodas or sweetened drinks since my teenage years, and have been off of Diet Coke for at least two years. It’d be nice if I suffered no lasting effects from my habit, but if there’s anything to this study I’m in trouble given how much of the stuff I drank.

    Denial, Shelby…that’s how otherwise intelligent people make illogical choices.


    • I’m not so sure I would blame it on denial, Teresa. I think westerners struggle with diet and addiction mainly because they live in a very stressful society in which (unless they’re enormously rich) they tend to be exploited and oppressed. The stress on women, especially if they’re working and trying to raise a family, is enormous.

      I think the problem is made much worse when western doctors give them the wrong dietary advice (such as the deadly low fat high carbohydrate diet) and destroy their intestinal bacteria by over prescribing antibiotics. Recent research shows that loss of healthy intestinal bacteria not only screws up your metabolism but also your appetite center in your brain. Intestinal bacteria are also killed by the antibiotics in meat (farmers give livestock antibiotics to make them gain weight) and by the chlorine in the drinking water. Urban dwellers have about half the intestinal bacteria as people living in rural areas.


  3. I reckon you’re very lucky, Shelby, for having an instinctive sense of what’s good for you. I think I tried diet soda many years ago but was really put off by the strong chemical taste. It seemed to me that anything with that strong a chemical taste couldn’t be good for you. I has no idea that people were drinking Sunlight dish soap – that’s a new one on me.


    • I know I shouldn’t have, but I laughed myself hoarse when I heard about the Sunlight Dish lotion drinking. If they wouldn’t drink a container of Dawn or Palmolive, why would they drink Sunlight Dish lotion just because of a supposed, ‘natural ingredient’? Makes no sense.

      As far as diet sodas are concerned, if something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. I’m no rocket scientist, I just run on common sense which my mother always told me I didn’t have. Guess she was wrong seeing as how she’s sitting somewhere with congestive heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure; the whole nine yards but yet, I’m the one with no common sense. My doctor just told me that I have excellent cholesterol numbers, great liver function tests, as well as healthy kidneys and a heart that’s in excellent shape. Go figure!


    • I never had a doctor give me dietary advice (most of those I saw until recently were the type to write a prescription & send you on your way), but got it in spades from everywhere else. No excuses here, but I will say that corporate marketing departments work hard to counter anything that might negatively affect sales. We all just choose who to listen to. In my case it wound up being neither the government nutrition people nor the soft drink companies, but independent writers and nutrition-focused bloggers. Then all of a sudden mainstream sources begin reporting what we independently figured out 10+ years ago. Oy.

      In order to avoid being exploited we need to develop a nose for detecting BS.

      I’m with you on the diet thing. I could go on about that. Sugar is another food/drink additive that serves no good purpose except to increase packaged food sales. It’s in practically anything packaged or processed. Most of us in the US are addicted and don’t even know it.

      There’s a vocal minority (self included) who’ve changed their diets & purchasing habits. I personally know two separate couples – former suburbanites – who moved far out of metro areas and began raising all their own food – livestock included. Not the norm for sure, but it gives me hope for the future.


      • Teresa, I do feel bad for you because I found a doctor who is all about prevention. They are few and far between. He lectured me on taking preventive measures to stave off diseases as I get older. And believe me, I had to kiss a lot of toads to get to this prince of a doctor because doctors like him, again, are few and far between.

        And yes, we are ALL exploited by these big corporations who only mean us much harm because by keeping us ill, we have to continue to feed the beast in the form of health care which I don’t even see the ‘care’ in healthcare much at all. How those corporate big heads sleep at night is a complete mystery to me, but then, they must have no conscience to keep them up at night over what they are doing to people they’ve never even met. Those who they are killing with their poison food and pills don’t mean a thing to them, but they sure as hell mean something to someone, but that is obviously of no concern to those corporate big heads.

        Good on the people who got out of the inner city rat race and opted for what would vastly benefit their health. And we could all use a bit of hope!

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