NYC, MA And Shareholders Holding Exxon Accountable For Past Climate Change Denials

Even shareholders are suing Exxon executives, contending their failure to disclose their research on climate change artificially inflated the price of their stock.

Gronda Morin

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The fossil fuel industry is facing having its executives’ efforts exposed as to how there was an orchestrated movement over the years to provide cover for many on the right to challenge the science behind climate change. There are several lawsuits instituted for exposing its efforts to mislead the public and its shareholders about any foreseeable consequences due to climate change. One major NY lawsuit was filed late 2015 which means that the case against ExxonMobile could be coming to fruition in 2017. The State of Massachusetts, other states and the shareholders have joined in the fray.

The reality is that it would not be seemly for the republican President Donald Trump to be pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement just when this negative news is forthcoming.

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As per 1/12/17 CNN Money News item by Matt Eagan, “ExxonMobil has lost a key battle…

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