Antibiotic Use Linked To Bowel Cancer Precursor

In a long term study of 16,600 nurses, researchers found those between 20 and 50 who took antibiotics for two or more months were at higher risk for developing pre-cancerous adenomas.

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There?s been a lot of talk surrounding antibiotics as of late, especially concerning how their overuse contributes to antibiotic resistance. Now, there?s additional concerns to take into consideration.

In recent years, there have been links between antibiotics and a range of conditions including irritable bowel disease, celiac disease, and even obesity.

In a new paper published in the journal Gut, researchers suggest that taking antibiotics for a long period of time is linked to the development of growths on the bowel that can cause cancer. Though experts urge the results of the study will require further investigation, and advise that people shouldn?t necessarily stop taking antibiotics, the study authors note that their findings only add to accumulating evidence that the diversity of bugs in the gut may play a part in the development of tumors.

In the study, researchers analyzed data from 16,600 nurses…

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2 thoughts on “Antibiotic Use Linked To Bowel Cancer Precursor

  1. I find it really shocking, futuret, that it has taken so long for the FDA and USDA to come round to regulating the antibiotics that are fed to livestock. Even now, they are still just “thinking” about regulating them and nothing has happened. And unless New Zealand (which apparently has unique populations of antibiotic producing fungi) comes up with new miracle antibiotics, it’s predicted that by 2030 more people will die of infectious disease than die of cancer:


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