Doctors Urge Us to Stop Using Plastic Food Wrap

Studies show that phthalates leach into food from plastic wrap and containers and increase blood pressure in children and adolescents. There’s also evidence they may damage heart cells.

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by Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

There’s a lot of controversy happening in your kitchen. While we tend to focus on how the foods we eat can work for or against our health, it’s truly so much more than that. How we cook our foods and how we store our foods has a lot of weight on our well-being as well. Plastic wrap, for instance, rose to fame in the 1950s, sold in rolls and used primarily for wrapping food. It’s since become a staple in many people’s kitchens.

For decades there’s been controversy surrounding plastic wrap, but now research is supporting the concerns. For instance, the phthalate chemicals used in the product, were found in a study of nearly 3,000 children in The Journal of Pediatrics to raise levels of blood pressure in children between the ages of six and 19.

“We know that phthalates damage the walls of arteries…

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4 thoughts on “Doctors Urge Us to Stop Using Plastic Food Wrap

  1. More and more vegetables get wrapped in plastic. I don’t understand why shops are still allowing to pack stuff in plastic bags. In Holland they haven’t had plastic bags in shops for at least twenty years. Everyone has to bring own bags.


  2. Gerard, I think lots of European countries are way ahead of us. The Green Party is working on legislation to ban plastic bags in New Zealand, but already we have at least two stores in New Plymouth that charge for plastic bags.


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