Americans Turn to Crowdfunding to Pay for Prescriptions

A search for “prescription” on GoFundMe bought up roughly 13,600 results of past and current funding pages. For insulin — both for insulin pumps and the medication itself — there were almost 6,000 results.

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2 thoughts on “Americans Turn to Crowdfunding to Pay for Prescriptions

  1. It might happen here too or perhaps already is happening. Did you see the list of investment properties that politicians hold?
    We have a very high unemployment rate amongst the young, yet are importing nurses, teachers, cooks etc. because we seem incapable of educating our own except through those money making private colleges giving out useless degrees. It makes me so angry.
    And then we want to make sure that migrants know about our ‘Australian Values.’ What values? Except those from grubby money making by our leaders.


  2. We have a lot of the same problems here in New Zealand, Gerard. We lose a sizeable proportion of our college graduates because the salaries are too low here for them to repay their student loans. Until recently, however, our health system was fairly sound, simply because patients didn’t have the option of pursuing health care privately. This has changed under our conservative National government – they have seriously cut the health budget, while simultaneously opening the New Zealand health system to private insurance. I’m aware that Australia has had that kind of two-tier system for quite some time.


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