Russia Warns Against US Interference in Venezuela

Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, Moscow, April 12, 2017

The situation in Venezuela

We’re receiving a lot of requests to explain Moscow’s position on this issue.

We’re watching with concern the situation in Venezuela, a country with which we maintain friendly relations, where opposition activists continue to clash with law-enforcers, even with the Easter holidays approaching. We feel sorry for the people who were killed or injured in street violence that is spiraling out of control. We cannot help mentioning a growing risk that the destructive scenarios which we have spoken about time and again and have warned against and which call to mind the grievous events in Chile in the 1970s might be implemented.

We believe that non-violence offers a way to end political confrontation – this is exactly our vision of how to resolve the political crisis and resume nationwide dialogue for the sake of searching jointly for answers and solutions to the socioeconomic challenges facing the country.

In this context, we’re concerned about the statements by the US Southern Command to the effect that further aggravation of the crisis in Venezuela might require a prompt response at a regional level. It should be understood that statements like these are adding to the instability, escalating the situation in that country. They cannot be treated otherwise than words to encourage Venezuelan radicals to create an atmosphere of uncertainty and instability and incite violent confrontation. We consider the fact that tensions are running high in Venezuela to be a very dangerous trend. Honestly, in our view, this would hardly be in the interests of the United States and the entire international community, including the countries in the region.

We would like to say again that all political processes unfolding in Venezuela should be strictly in line with the constitution, keep to both its letter and spirit in full, and comply with the governing laws. There is no alternative to a peaceful settlement of Venezuela’s internal problems reached at the negotiating table and in compliance with the constitution – and there cannot be any.

Crisis in Venezuela

Question: You mentioned the crisis in Venezuela today. Is it possible to initiate any cooperation between Russia and the Latin American countries that could help resolve this issue?

Maria Zakharova: We maintain bilateral relations with the region’s countries, as well as with the concerned associations of various countries. We address and discuss various issues, conduct dialogues and assist the legitimate authorities in Venezuela. Today, this dialogue and our cooperation hinge on a desire to help resolve a political crisis whose origins I have already discussed.

I think we would be ready to review any proposals on expanded cooperation that might be submitted by these countries or their regional organisations.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (L) and Russian leader, Vladimir Putin (R).



Source: Russia Warns Against US Interference in Venezuela, Calls for Dialogue

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