Young Republicans Not buying GOP Zombie Climate Denial

A younger generation of Republicans – those on college campuses today – increasingly say they believe climate change is a human-caused problem, and that Americans have a responsibility to act on it and protect the environment.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


Davidson College in North Carolina has fewer than 2,000 students – small enough that the presidents of the College Republican and College Democrats clubs count each other as friends.

They disagree on some political issues, but an unusual one unites them: they both believe climate change is a serious problem.

“Climate change is really real and really alarming to me personally,” said Grace Woodward, the College Republicans’ president. University students – and Republicans in particular – “need to do a better job of talking about climate change”, she said.

Woodward is well aware that her views differ from those of many older Republican leaders. But “we shouldn’t just be blindly loyal to a party”, she said. “In 20 years maybe we’ll hold those positions and we can make changes to the party.”

In the U.S. Congress and in U.S. party politics, beliefs about climate change often match party membership:…

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