The Alt-Right Crowd Breaks with Trump

The fractured elements of what was once called the alt-right were unified once more on Thursday night in condemning Donald Trump’s airstrike in Syria as a mistake.

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Trump’s Troll Army Isn’t Ready for War in Syria

The alt-right crowd breaks with the president.

The fractured elements of what was once called the alt-right were unified once more on Thursday night in condemning Donald Trump’s airstrike in Syria as a mistake. Or as Milo Yiannopoulos put it, “FAKE and GAY.”

This loose confederation of Web-savvy, anti-establishment right-wingers formed an important vanguard of Trump’s online support in last year’s election, and its unified opposition to the airstrike forewarns a political downside to intervention in Syria. While foreign wars tend to boost presidents’ popularity in the short term, Trump risks losing the segments of his base that flocked to his isolationist, “America First” message.

In addition to its nationalist, anti-interventionist and anti-“globalist” views, the alt-right and its fellow travelers have also displayed a marked affinity for Syria’s ally Russia, whose government has returned the love by…

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15 thoughts on “The Alt-Right Crowd Breaks with Trump

  1. Syria, NATO, now afghanistan! The die has been cast. Expect furher betrayals!

    To put words into Trumps mouth:- “We have the best military, we have the greatest military, we can win any war, we will protect all the beautiful babies from bad people.”

    What next Trump: vaccine safety, trade agreements, fake news?


  2. You’re last sentence is almost funny, ebolainfo. Fake news goes without saying – especially when Trump promises we won’t invade Syria and there are already troops on the ground and 5 airbases.


  3. One strike and everything changed.

    Do not believe they are fools. This was needed. Now MSM are confused beyond repair, just like the Russians have it since the late 80ies. Anything which happens later will be ignored. Granted, it took a big boy bomb and a strike in two countries, but the second chemical incident was not subject to any scrutiny. I expect to happen weirder stuff which wont be of any discussion at all.

    Curiously the protests (which are expected now that it gets warmer) are confusing too, with multiple fronts and lines intersecting (!) the krauts, äh, crowds.
    2014 did pick up the handset once again:

    Btw, Shapiro was for limited engagements, this guy not, other went fully against military on foreign soil etc.


  4. Good analysis, Michael. My biggest problem with the protests is that people seem to be protesting for the sake of protesting – which accomplishes nothing. The only time street protests are worthwhile is when they’re used for the purpose of movement building. Also right libertarians and the so-called left are in agreement about ending the wars in the Middle East – why is there no effort there to do joint movement building?


  5. The Alt Right is a political movement that will not end with Trump. It will continue and gain more support in the future as people begin to realise that multiculturalism and the mass inflow of immigrants is unsustainable. I agree that maybe Trump has done this to temporarily appease the neocons but ultimately I think he is smart enough to realise that continuing this strategy, any longer would erode his base.


  6. Interesting perspective, libertariannationalist. Sometimes I wonder how much Trump is in charge and how much he is forced to do as he’s told. Webster Tarpley perceives Trump, like Obama, Bush II and Carter as “weak” presidents who are easily controlled by the Wall Street elite.


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