Beware the SAT and ACT: They Sell Confidential Student Data

The College Board is illegally selling student data for 42 cents per student.

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PSAT/SAT day is Wednesday April 5 this week in NY schools and many other public schools in states around the country. These exams are now required in at least 9 states, but are given in many more states and districts, including NYC.

The College Board is unethically if not illegally amassing a huge amount of personal student information through the administration of these exams and selling it for a profit (though they call it “licensing” the names) at 42 cents per student. They are providing the information to a range of undisclosed institutions and companies, including reportedly the Department of Defense to help them recruit for the military.

If your child or your students are taking one of these tests, tell them to enter only the minimal info: name, address, gender and date of birth.

Read this post by privacy advocate Cheri Kiesecker:

Leonie Haimson responded to the CB…

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2 thoughts on “Beware the SAT and ACT: They Sell Confidential Student Data

  1. Anticipatory litigation costs would not make $0.42 per student justifiable. This is the tip of the iceberg. This is a limited hangout story. It’s like saying social media companies make money from the advertising, and not governments’ desire to data mine. How much money went into putting millions of Americans into a system like Main Core?


  2. I suspect you’re right, PeaceFrog. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. At the same time I think it’s important to remind Americans of all the data being collected on them (and sold on) by private corporations. I’m constantly amazed by all the shoppers I see signing up for loyalty cards in the supermarket – they seem to have no idea that the supermarket chain is collecting massive amounts of data on their purchases and selling it on.


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