Chomsky sees false flags before they occur!

Interesting – Chomsky’s sudden conversion to false flag attacks – after 50 years of denying the reality of the JFK and similar CIA assassinations and 9-11.

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Noam Chomsky and his smug, empty-headed cheerleaders have been making waves this week, apparently a full-blown conspiracy-theorist now. This is after Chomsky fucked up the US left for fifty years, denying the realities of the JFK hit and 9/11 attack, which was clearly allowed to proceed despite mountains of warnings. Noam completely ignores that the CIA knew the purported hijackers were inside the country for over a year! Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

But Noam would have none of it. Indignation and apathy were his M.O.

All that was pre-Trump, however. The rule book has been burned. Yes, Noam a false flag attack is a possibility. Of course it is. It always was. But since you had no interest in all the evidence, why should anyone care what you have to say at all? Phantom future attacks? By whom?

The people who can perpetrate a false flag attack…

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3 thoughts on “Chomsky sees false flags before they occur!

  1. The US economy has been hanging by a thread since 2008. The US dollar is under major threat from a number of economies (including China, Russia and Iran) who are threatening to dump their dollar reserves and trade in other currencies. The US usually stems these threats by threatening to declare war but even with the drones and other technological advances, they haven’t discovered a way to go to war with the whole world at once.


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