I suspect Rappaport is spot on when he states “Somebody close to the federal government is poised to make large profits from selling the chemicals, when the government decides the whole population should be toxified.” That always seems to be the case when governments start pushing toxic chemicals.

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New Zealand government preparing to drown whole country in fluorides

by Jon Rappoport

March 16, 2017

The issue here is, who is going to decide whether the people of New Zealand are fluoridated? Who will be in charge? Communities, or the federal government?

From The NZHerald, 3/13/16—my comments are in CAPS:

“MPs are expecting furious opposition to proposals on fluoridated drinking water as public hearings kick off this week.”

“The first select committee hearings will be held tomorrow on the Government’s plan to transfer the responsibility for fluoridating water from councils to district health boards (DHBs).” [TRANSFER THE DECISION FROM LOCAL COMMUNITIES TO LARGER FEDERAL ENTITIES—A TAKEOVER.]

“In a rare move, Parliament’s Health Committee has agreed to hear from every individual or organisation that asked to make an oral submission.”

“In total, 60 organisations and 140 individuals are expected to give presentations, and the committee will be broken up into…

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  1. Well Dr. Bramhall, I am certain that you will not stand still for this. Unfortunately, where I now live, the city water is fluorinated, however, I buy my water and I am very discriminating as to what is in it. I pay more for it, but hey! A person’s got to do what a person’s got to do.

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    • There are high-quality water filters on the market today that will remove all the fluoride, plus many other contaminants. Purchasing one could save you quite a bit of money over time. Fluoride is absorbed through the skin…you may want to consider getting a shower-head with a built-in filter too.

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        • No Dr., actually I was referring to what might be called a ‘counter-top’ water filter, such as a Berkey or Pro-Pur. These types of water filters have several advantages over reverse osmosis systems: they DO NOT strip out all the beneficial minerals from the water and they DO remove pathogenic bacteria like e-coli and giardia. And the cost is much, much lower…around 2 cents a gallon. I have a Berkey and I think I paid between $250-$300 US. If you are filtering piped water, you probably won’t need to replace the filter elements for years.

          These filters are GREAT for survival and prepping too. In an emergency, they can be used to filter scummy pond-water etc. The life of the filters is greatly reduced when filtering pond-water, replacement filters may be needed after just a few hundred gallons, depending on how dirty the water is.


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