9 thoughts on “Gut Bacteria Plays a Role in Long-Term Weight Gain

  1. I am afraid I think a lot of this is that we have just become spoiled. Was reading someone else’s blog this afternoon this afternoon when I should have been working (!) and they had posted a family diary from the ? 1930s. I read it because I used to live in the same area. They were taking a bit of a ride across the fens, doing a bit of swimming, looking at sluices etc. Canned pineapple and condensed milk as a treat! Sugars , fats – sure…. but if that was a treat amidst cycling etc it was fine. Our problem is processed foods with strange chemicals, stuck in the office 10 hrs a day etc….

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  2. I was actually much healthier when I worked two jobs and never did see my bed. When I no longer had to work two jobs is when I started gaining weight. I then had to park the car and walk everywhere. In the morning, I walk for two hours, come home, shower, change and then walk to do my grocery shopping which I have to do almost daily since I subsist on fruits and veggies and veggies go bad in a few days. I then bring the veggies and fruit home, sit for a spell at the computer and then head back out the door to window shop, attend a few meetings aimed at obliterating homelessness and then I hammer a nail or two in a house we have managed to purchase to rehab for the purpose of housing a homeless person.

    My only vice which I freely admit to is champagne and I have vastly curtailed my knocking back this treat. So, only by almost constant movement have I been able to keep my weight down and yet when I was a child, I was never overweight because we actually played outdoors and when I was in high school, I was a size 9. It was only after going through childbirth did I start having a problem keeping weight off. It literally threw my entire system out of whack and it never did settle right and so now, I must do what I must do to stave off the weight.


    • Interesting history, Shelby. When you talk about your system being “thrown out of whack” with pregnancy, it sounds suspiciously like it was your intestinal bacteria that were “thrown out of whack,” as this frequently happens with the hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy. I had the same problem – in part because I had way too much carboyhdrate in my diet and not enough saturated fat. Now that I eat more saturated fat, I have no problem at all controlling my appetite.

      For vegetarians who don’t eat meat, dairy products are an excellent source of saturated fats. For vegans, coconut oil is a good source – I make a lot of soup and this is a great way to incorporate it into your diet.

      I think it also helps that I’m working to improve my intestinal bacteria by eating lots of fermented foods – homemade kefir, fermented vegetables I grow in my garden, kimchi, miso, etc.

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  4. Yes, good gut bacteria play a large role. With our love of antibiotic we might loose those bacteria beneficial to the digestion of food, and gain weight.
    It seems that a healthy gut can be regained by transferring the poo from a healthy gut wearing person to the bearer of an unhealthy or unbalanced gut. Of course this is done in hospital and under strict control.


  5. Interesting you mention fecal microbiota transplant, Gerard, as Dr Thomas Borody in Sydney is the world expert in this procedure. I had a consultation with him in 2012 and he helped me with a home fecal transplantation procedure (as a Kiwi, it cost too much for me to stay in the hospital to have this done). Unfortunately this didn’t work for me – so I’m pursuing other options. Right now I’m having regular acupuncture, which really seems to be helping.


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