Sales of Dystopian Novel Skyrocket Thanks to Trump

The Handmaid’s Tale is a 1990 movie based on feminist Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel. Sales of The Handmaid’s Tale have recently skyrocketed, largely owing to the extreme Christian fundamentalists in Trump’s new cabinet, his advocacy for military and police expansion and torture and his attacks on women’s rights.

The plot focuses around a military theocracy during a future period in which most have become infertile through toxic chemical exposure. All women are stripped of their rights and all fertile women are enslaved and forced to produce babies for infertile elite couples of the ruling elite.

In addition to the presence of heavily armed military on every street corner, social control is maintained through a perverted fundamentalist Christian doctrine that sanctions slavery and ceremonial rape. Although the lower classes are forced into strict religious conformity, the elite rulers willfully ignore it as they pursue a life of clandestine debauchery.

Last year the film was remade into a 10-part TV series that premiers in April.

Hulu Handmaids Tale Teaser Trailer

3 thoughts on “Sales of Dystopian Novel Skyrocket Thanks to Trump

  1. I don’t think this is very far off. We are prodded to church and expected to be pious while the ‘elite rulers’ merely pay lip service to religion and then do the opposite of what we sit up in church and listen to. We never pay attention to that ‘rich and the eye of a needle’ scripture for if we did, we would wonder why the rich don’t seem to have a problem amassing wealth all the while knowing they won’t be heading for the raptures of heaven, but will instead, descend into the ‘fiery pits of hell’. They know that we are gullible sheep, easily led and bamboozled by any slick talking snake oil salesman promising us an eternal life of riches in some heavenly paradise if only we will behave ourselves right now. Pish tosh!


  2. Shelby, I think you put your finger on it. Hell it worked for the Catholic Church and all the kings they anointed in the Middle Ages – why give up a good thing? When I did my psychiatric training in Salt Lake City in the 1970s (one of the most “pious” places in the country thanks to the Mormon Church). The federal and state senator, who elaborately paraded their piousness during their campaigns, were always getting busted for soliciting prostitutes. Likewise the TV evangelists with all their sex scandals. Of course they never take responsibility for their behavior – it’s always the Devil who made them do it.

    Thanks for your comment.


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