Court Determines Children Do Not ‘Need’ Vaccines

What happened when a UK doctor appeared as an expert witness to help two mothers prove in court that their children didn’t need to be vaccinated? The General Medical Council tried to rescind her license – resulting in a 3 year court case that ended with all allegations against her being dropped.

From Hell To Veins

I have long advocated to all who will listen, that it WAS well known that science engineers had more to do with preventing age old diseases than any doctors ever did.  Engineering advances in sanitation, infrastructure, storing and transporting of food was common knowledge in the 1960’s for wiping out disease as these scientific FACTS were celebrated at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City where vaccination did NOT even get an honorable mention.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s (into today) where we are now victims of our own success.  We live in a time where the corrupt medical mafia has been allowed to not only hijack the success engineering sciences have made in defeating age old diseases but also, have turned their hijacking operation into a dogma for profit and population control.

Doctor Jayne Donegan was heavily brainwashed by the medical mafia, and to her credit, wanted…

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5 thoughts on “Court Determines Children Do Not ‘Need’ Vaccines

  1. And I’ve just read that the NZ Labour leader is threatening to have unvaccinated kids banned from daycare centres! Sad, sad, to see what the socialist revolution has come to!


    • Alan, they’re also backing National’s bill to make water fluoridation mandatory in all districts, even where local authorities have voted to have it removed. As far as I can see, the New Zealand Labour ceased representing working people in the 1980s – they now support corporate interests just as much as National does.


  2. All parents should (“must” is probably the right word) watch the highly disturbing and censored in many regions of the world film “Vaxxed” before having their children vaccinated. Speaking of New Zealand, it’s not only mandatory vaccinations the people there have to contend with, but forced fluoridation of drinking water as well. Perhaps the fluoride treatment was deemed necessary to pacify the people and prevent them from getting too riled up over the needles/shots.


    • Interesting you mention this, Jerry. I’m making a submission to the Health Select Committee on the Health Amendment (Fluoridation of Water) Bill this morning at 11 am. In 2011, we waged a major battle to get fluoride removed from New Plymouth’s water. If this bill passes, Fluoride Free New Zealand will definitely take it to judicial review. We’re lucky here in New Zealand – you can have bad laws overturned fairly quickly in the lower courts.


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