Homeless Live in Massive Tent City Right Next to Disneyland

tent city

A video posted by a bicyclist in Southern California has shown just how bad homelessness is getting California. The video captured the extent of a rapidly growing tent city along the Santa Ana Trail in Anaheim.

A different video posted in January actually suggests that the sprawling encampment stretches for miles along Route 57.

According to an Infowars article, homeless activists estimate that the tent city could have as many as 1,000 people. The locals are growing increasingly worried about the situation as trash and human waste accumulate, and assaults and robberies grow more common along the trail. And all of this is occurring in the same city that houses Disneyland.

Clearly the economy is in great shape and California is perfectly stable, right?

Source: You Won’t Believe The Size of this Massive Tent City in California

15 thoughts on “Homeless Live in Massive Tent City Right Next to Disneyland

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    NAFTA, GATT sell-out of US by the NWO Globalist power hungry. The fate of the rich man in the story of the rich man and Lazarus, Luke 19: 16-31, should be read.


  2. This is horrifyingly tragic and it is only getting worse and this is why I am against allowing anymore immigrants in because we refuse to take care of our own ‘homegrown’ refugees. How can we extend an open door and aid to others from foreign lands when we must pass by our own people living like this? It is only when our own ‘house’ is in order that we can then extend help to others. And I will stand by this in that we need to take care of our own first. ‘Charity’ begins at home! The conditions under which those people are forced to live should be disturbing to us ALL!

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    • I agree it’s important to expose the true causes of the refugee crisis (the US resource wars in the Middle East and the deliberate importation of migrants to suppress wages) and the true motivation of Trump and is right wing cabinet in stirring up white male anger against all people with brown skin. Sadly I don’t think they are motivated by the plight of the homeless. I read a number of right wing blogs that admit what their real concerns are: they are totally obsessed with demographic changes pointing to a future in which the number of dark skinned people outnumber those with “white” skin and “steal” it from them.

      In a way I see a lot of parallels with Israel’s obsession with ethnic purity – but on a much larger scale. Racism has always served a very important function in this respect – to keep the working class divided and fighting amongst each other instead of fighting Wall Street.

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  4. Things like low-wages and lack of health care put people on the downward spiral. Homelessness is the bottom of that spiral.

    The rich accumulate wealth by exploiting workers and the environment — rarely through hard work, self-discipline, innovative ideas, calculated risk, or merit of any kind nowadays.

    I see a future movement where the penniless, sick, and elderly choose to group euthanize on the Washington DC mall, rather than live on the streets. Maybe such acts will be commonplace. Never-the-less, the wealthy elites will still believe they are innocent and good; that they have no part in the dynamic of inequality.

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    • Ytaca, that is partly the reason why so many are indigent and are living in tent cities; it is because we are too busy attempting to ‘rule the world’ and so have dramatically decreased spending on social programs and increased spending on the military. We don’t even bother with fixing up a steadily declining infrastructure which would at least put people to work for decades. Our trains are dilapidated and are not at all up to par with those in Europe and no one has bothered to do a thing about any of this. People think that America is the place to go, when they have absolutely no clue how bad it is over here. This is not the ‘land of milk and honey’ for many. It is quite the opposite; poverty, homelessness, sickness and early death is what we have been offering to our own natural born citizens.

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        • Well, I don’t know how Trump is going to ‘fix’ our infrastructure when we are broke. We are trillions of dollars in debt and yet, you wouldn’t think so since Wall Street is booming off fake money while Main Street is collapsing along with our infrastructure and another debt ceiling showdown is coming which means we can’t pay our bills because we are broke. Oh, and I’m a woman ytaca.

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          • I am from the poorest country in Arab world called yemen our country rech with oil and gas but our people still poor salary range 100usd to 300 USD per month our country struggling to survive until now courts dosent work our country infrastructure destroyed but we have desire to live.

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            • Bless your heart ytaca! I truly feel for you as I know that what is going on in Yemen was started by the American CIA meddling in the Middle East. We have no business over there starting wars and yet, that is all we do. You have my deepest and sincerest sympathies for what we got started in your country. I am so sorry! But I do know that the people of Yemen will prevail against all odds. US, not so much! Hang in there ytaca! I’m pulling for you guys!

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