Putin: A Russian Primetime TV Documentary


Exclusive: Fantastic Russian Prime Time 2 HR Putin documentary

Masterskaya (2016)

English subtitles

Film Review

This film, despite being an obvious pro-Putin propaganda piece, provides interesting historical background on his role in thwarting western efforts to turn Russia into a third world sweatshop.

The beginning of the documentary, describing the plans laid by Putin’s cabinet to remove the oligarchs from power (see How Putin Outwitted the Russian Oligarchs ), confirm what I have always suspected: that his rise to global prominence relies heavily on his ability to choose skilled advisors.

This documentary also clearly conveys that he’s as much a populist as Donald Trump – though a far more skilled one. An amazingly effective speaker, his ability to influence and manage large groups is unparalleled among world leaders.

Although he tends to be extremely guarded about disclosing personal feelings, the film contains a few revealing clips from TV interviews. In one, he admits to his mistaken belief as a KGB agent that political conflict with the West would dissolve once Russians abandoned their Communist ideology. He now realizes that Russia will always have tension with the West based on competing geopolitical interests (ie competing demands for resources, markets, labor etc).

I was also intrigued to hear him discuss his enormous debt to teacher and mentor Anatoly Sobchak. Sobchak was a legal scholar and politician who co-wrote the constitution of the Russian Federation and was the first democratically elected mayor of St Petersburg. He died under suspicious circumstances in 2000.

The film’s main weakness is its total dismissal of Russia’s opposition movement as being too chaotic and disorganized for Putin to take seriously. While there is good reason to suspect CIA involvement in various anti-Putin street protests, it seems to be there would also be legitimate protest against the enormous obstacles to registering new political parties in Russia, as well as major censorship by the mainly state-controlled media.

I was also irritated by the repeated emphasis on Putin being a self-sacrificing leader with no interest whatsoever in personal wealth or power. According to various former insiders, Putin has immense personal wealth and may be one of the richest men in the world. See Putin Corruption: Five Things We Learned About the President’s Secret Wealth


6 thoughts on “Putin: A Russian Primetime TV Documentary

  1. Political conflict with the West is a result of the continued belief, by the Western intelligence agencies, that Russia never abandoned its ideology of maintaining and exporting Communism. Here is a link to an MI-6 agent who debriefed some of the highest ranking KGB/GRU agents:


    Christopher Story, who debriefed Golitsyn, was a brilliant writer and spy. He, however, was, like many intelligence agents, also had borderline paranoid personality disorder.


    • Good clip, PeaceFrog. Thanks for sharing. In my experience, the officers who run US and British intelligence are world experts at lies and disinformation. I know they claim that Russian is still trying to spread Communism – but I think their basic motives are strategic. I read somewhere that between them Russia, Iran and Syria control nearly half of the world’s natural gas, to say nothing of Russian and Iranian oil resources. With the enormous competition of China, India and emerging economies for increasingly scarce oil and gas resources, I think the CIA, as usual, is serving the interests of its greedy Wall Street masters.


      • Marx was correct in his observation that all wars are economic wars. Resource wars are to neocolonialism what wars of territorial conquest were to colonialism. Some argue that the Syrian civil war was largely about gas pipeline routes to Europe.


  2. Shareable comments about a propaganda video. It is correct: the fight between the “west” & the Brics is moved by geo-political interests. Yet, in global terminology ot is a war of global zionism against nationalist zionism (Russia).
    The tribe is the same as it was before Communism was forced to collapse. Putin is a skilled yet gutless leader. The ex KGB agent knows how far he can go & how much he can bear the pressure of the celebrated, self appointed “international community”.
    In nowadays’ Russia, the tribe owns all major media, manipulates a gpod part of the opposition to pressure the system and owns a major share in the heavy industry & in the energetic field.

    When we talk about oligarchs, we should bear in mind that the most powerful mafia in the world, is the jewish one, whivh has been proliferating for many decades in communism, as well as in Prohibitionist America. They are exponents of today’s usurocracy & criminal world, the best ally of those inducing “regime changes”


  3. The history of Jewish organized crime is well documented and under-reported. Murder Incorporated, and famous Jewish associates in the first half of Twentieth Century America are well known. Beside the Israeli mafia, the Russian mafiya is run today by Jews. Jews are both associates in traditional organized crime, and, play an essential role in legal, accounting, money laundering and other essential enabling services to traditional organized crime. Even the ultra-Orthodox community is involved in a wide variety of organized crime (Ultra-orthodox Jews control a good share of the diamond trade,including conflict diamonds, for example, in the diamond district in N.Y.C.).


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