Glyphosate Contaminants In Processed Brand Name Foods

By Catherine J. Frompovich | Activist Post


Glyphosate is the main chemical active in several brands of agricultural and corporate farming herbicides used in the growing fields; in GMO seed crop cultures; and in what’s called “preharvest staging” [1].  That’s when the herbicide is sprayed several days [3 to 5 days] prior to crop harvest to “ensure” seed heads mature evenly.  Some consider that process acts as a “desiccant.”

The more commonly-used herbicide is Roundup® manufactured by Monsanto.  In GMO farming, there is Roundup Ready® seeds, which are totally different from heirloom or non-GMO seeds.  One specific difference is GMO seeds have patents on them, meaning something has been done to modify the seed from the parent or original plant strain produced by Nature. . .

Source: Glyphosate Contaminants In Processed Brand Name Foods

7 thoughts on “Glyphosate Contaminants In Processed Brand Name Foods

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  2. Well, nothing I eat is on that list. I say “NO!” to GMO!! And one thing I am seeing more of is packaging that says, “No GMO!” I take that at least, as a good sign. It would be even better if GMO was banned completely and Monsanto out-of-business.


    • That’s surely a good start, Shelby. There have also been several states which have passed (thanks to massive citizen lobbying) mandatory GMO laws. These were invalidated when Obama signed a law banning states from passing mandatory GMO laws.

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      • Why am I not surprised that that slithering, slimy, no good lizard was hell bent on further compromising our health? I am so glad his hypocritical, lying skank ass is out of the Oval Office, you have no idea.


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