A Critique of Moore’s 10-Point Plan

I can’t for the life of me imagine why Moore is seeking to deflect all the massive protest energy that’s being generated on removing Trump – when it should be focused on dismantling capitalism. What he’s proposing in another words is another faux color revolution like the CIA-sponsored Arab Spring revolutions – that removed sitting leaders like Mubarak – but left ordinary people worse off than ever in terms of human rights and social justice.

Zone of Non-being

Michael Moore recently released his 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump. Since it has already been shared over 20,000 times on social media, I feel compelled to respond.

1). Moore writes as if all these problems began the moment Trump was inaugurated. By saying we simply need to “stop Trump” – we focus on one person as opposed to the larger structures of racism, heteropatriarchy, and capitalism. Trump is just the most visible and visceral representative of an oppressive system. Even if Trump has a “much-shortened presidential term,” we are still left with an oppressive apparatus.

2). Moore argues that we need to make daily phone calls to legislators because “Democrats need to hear from the boss – you!” I mean, sure, that sounds nice. But this is only true if we pretend that corporate funding, the electoral college, and voter disenfranchisement do not exist.

Let’s be honest: making phone…

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11 thoughts on “A Critique of Moore’s 10-Point Plan

  1. I agree with you Dr. Bramhall. I have no idea why Michael Moore is pretending that the democratic party’s shit don’t stink when it does. We no longer should be going on the basis of a ‘lesser of two evils’ party when neither party has the average American citizen’s interest at heart. That is a well-established fact and to keep suggesting that we only need to get behind the Democrats is total bullshit and a waste of time. We’ve already shown the Democrats what we think of them. That is why Trump is sitting in the Oval Office. You mean, they have not figured this out yet? Millions of voters were sick and tired of the same old shit from the Dems and stayed home. I am one of them and so far, I am glad that Trump is president and not Hildabeast. I could not bring myself to vote for Trump, but neither could I bring myself to vote for Hildabeast; wasn’t going to happen!

    Great post btw!


    • Great point, Shelby. It’s even worse than that. There is serious talk that the Democratic Party is on the verge of collapse. I’m seriously starting to question Moore’s motivation in all this – he’s beginning to sound like controlled opposition like Noam Chomsky and various CIA-funded foundations who infiltrated various groups I belonged to in Seattle in the eighties and nineties.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. The reply is easy and disarming at the meantime. This horrid bag is a shill, invented and protected by the same regime he’s supposed to fight. Check his laughable report on 9/11 to focalize whom the attention seeking fat whore is.


  3. I am wondering if Moore is collecting a pay check for his influence in the revolt???… The testimony of some protesters and the ads on Craigs List and other forums, have been traced to more than one of Soros organizations… Just a thought… I am pretty sure that at least 2 people in my community are getting paid to protest… Unemployment is rampant, I can understand the temptation for paid protesting… Does Moore need money??… Don’t know but I don’t see him as being ‘squeaky clean’ and like Trump, he has an ego…


  4. I guess great minds think alike, Deb. What else can I say? My personal experience with Washington Citizen Action, one of the groups that placed these ads, is that they’re more closely linked to CIA-funded foundations than to Soros.


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