Why Do The Media Dislike Donald Trump So Much?

Re-post From The Broken Elbow

Followers of this blog will know that I have considerable reservations about, not to say antipathy towards Donald J Trump, and not just because he likes to lampoon disabled journalists, of which I am one (although that now infamous incident involving Serge Kovaleski did open a revealing window into his mind).

I think he is a liar, a fraud and a con-man who is on the make for himself and his grotesque family and is prepared to ally himself with dangerous, under-rock lifeforms to advance his ambitions and will think nothing about lying to and betraying all those rust-belt types who voted for him thinking their long-lost jobs would return.

At the same time I do find the outrage of the US media and their cousins in Europe at Trump a bit hard to take. The outlets these journalists work for in large measure turned a blind eye in the 2000’s to a barrage of, and not-difficult-to-disprove, Presidential (and prime ministerial) lies, ranging from George W Bush’s fraudulent election to the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria (the McClatchey Group being a distinguished exception regarding Iraq).

And they barely said a word in apology when the truth finally emerged (preferring instead to punish individual journalists while forgiving the managements which accepted, welcomed and trumpeted their stories on front pages).

Trump’s lies, which admittedly are more obviously lies and more crudely delivered that those of his predecessors, have the media in a ferment of protest and outrage.

I can’t help think there is a bit of snobbery – not to mention double standards – behind much of this aspect of anti-Trumpism. The man clearly hates the liberal media, he doesn’t read (some wonder if he can), watches cable TV endlessly, especially Fox News, tweets semi-literately and can barely put a coherent sentence together.

Part of the truth about the US media’s relations with Trump is that he is not one of them. Despite his alleged wealth and Manhattan ties, he really does come from the rust-belt. Obama, by contrast and despite his skin colour, was a Harvard man who probably lied as outrageously but somehow that was more acceptable.

So it is worth reading this Media Lens‘ critique of the BBC’s coverage of Trump’s extraordinary press conference of last Thursday via an interview with a British journalist called Peter Oborne.

Oborne, by the way is a former Daily Telegraph writer and is now a deputy editor for the equally right-wing Spectator magazine. Sometimes even reactionaries can be right (mind you, I can’t remember either The Telegraph or The Spectator subjecting the Iraqi casus belli to much scrutiny).


Source: Why Do The Media Dislike Donald Trump So Much?

11 thoughts on “Why Do The Media Dislike Donald Trump So Much?

    • Interesting perspective, 1EarthUnited. Mae Brussell was the first to suggest Watergate was coup. A theme Russ Baker pursued more deeply in Family of Secrets – implicated Bush senior. I think there’s absolutely no question at this point that Nixon was set up over Watergate.


  1. I am at a loss to explain why the mainstream media is hating on Trump. I mean, the media is owned by a few business moguls and since Trump is one of them, you’d think they’d be loving life as opposed to ‘opposing’ everything that Trump claims to stand for. The media takes everything Trump says and puts it underneath a microscope and searches for every damn thing they can to dissect and then they hold it up for us to see that Trump mucked up again. We ALL know Trump has no experience whatsoever in ‘leading’ a nation. He has never been in politics and yet, what do they expect from a man with no political background. They know that he is only a businessman and so why they take issue with everything he does wrong is simply beyond me.


    • From everything I’ve read, Shelby, including the Jon Rappaport link above, the only explanation that makes sense to me is that there is some kind of bar room ball going on between the first families – with the Rockefellers, Clintons, CIA, mainstream media representing the old eastern banking establishment and “new money,” representing mainly the defense and aerospace industry. Nixon, who represented the latter, also crossed the banking establishment and had to go. JFK, whose father made his money in bootlegging, was also considered new money. He also crossed the banking establishment and had to go. Trump himself, by threatening to expose 9-11, questioning NATO, cozying up to Russia and cancelling TPP (and questioning NAFTA) has also crossed to many lines.

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      • Well then I guess that’s why Keith Ellison is already shouting about ‘impeachment’ when Trump has only been president for a month and a couple of days. See, this is what I mean. It just doesn’t make any sense. The man hasn’t even been in office two months yet, and those tired ass Dems are already shouting for impeachment. Where were the shouts for impeachment over the war crimes that BushCo. and ObamaCo. committed? Nowhere to be found. So they can just shut the hell up!


    • I think the main problem, Gerard, is that what passes for ‘democracy’ in the US was captured by Wall Street corporations decades ago and has created immense misery for the majority of Americans. I’m afraid voting for Trump was the only opportunity they have had in many years to strike back.


  2. Dr. Bramhall I do hope you have been well. It’s very simple, the script was Hillary would win the election and under the banner of the now living goddess, finally installed into the Whitehouse where her followers the Knights Templar who founded this country (I have proved that so far beyond a shadow of a doubt that Scott Wolter actually made a living off it on television for a while) always meant for her to be, would march us into WW III against the forces of evil lead by the scheming Putin. There were many problems with their plan from the start, not the least of which there is a chain of command in both the Knights Templar and the Intelligence community whom luckily for the human race are a bit more compassionate than those underneath them who have used these organizations as a dodge to accrue huge fortunes; dealing weapons and drugs and fixing corporate deals. Another problem they have is that the Goddess herself despises Hillary but that is a whole other story and hopefully you of all people will know it someday Dr. Bramhall. Of course putting a moron like Trump in an office he was never supposed to occupy in the first place causes complications of its own and it is now feared that only a few more months have been bought, but a few months are a few months so let’s work them doctor, good luck… – Jack Heart


    • Great to hear from you, Jack. I think your analysis is spot on as usual. I’ve also compiled a list of a few more things we need to accomplish (with Putin’s help) before they cart Trump away. High on that list are peace in Syria, peace in Afghanistan (and possibly Iraq), an end to TiSA and abolishing the CIA.


  3. “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards …”

    No, it is not about Trump. The quote is about the cronyism of career bureaucrats in alphabet agencies, lobbyists, government contractors, and, all of the maggots feeding on the public coffers. The one’s who feel “entitled” to win, the one’s who can not stand anyone ,or anything that they can not control. The permanent unelected, self-appointed establishment that Trump kicked in the ass!


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