Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul on Michael Flynn’s Resignation



Two excellent commentaries from the left (the true left – not the CIA infiltrated faux left) and right. Kucinich has an especially strong reaction to the illegal wiretapping of Flynn and the desire of the military intelligence complex to disrupt Trump’s rapprochement with Russia.

Stop Making Sense

The first video features former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich during his appearance on FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria. The second video features former Republican Congressman Ron Paul in conversation with Daniel McAdams. Both men, who often came together when serving in the U.S. Congress, give their views on Michael Flynn’s resignation and the who is most likely to benefit from the scandal. (Fox Business/Liberty Report)

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4 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul on Michael Flynn’s Resignation

  1. The bigger picture is that the intelligence agencies, and elements of the military, are choosing the political figureheads. This has been Deep State tactic since ancient times with the Praetorian Guard. This is rule by rogue intelligence COINTELPRO democracy. If they can not remove him with a political coup then they will try to assassinate him like they did JFK. If this country wishes to salvage what little democracy it had left, then it has to force a Congressional Truth Commission on 9/11, and all related events, including the subversion/active measured being used against Trump. People say that the Revolution will not be televised; neither will the complete control by the military and intelligence agencies of the entire Military-Industrial-Media-Academic-Congressional complex. The entire Congress and federal judiciary are largely nullified by blackmail- this was noted by a Congressional poll during the Church Committee over 40 years ago.


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