How the GOP Is Playing Trump Until They Can Dump Him

Do the Republicans plan to dump Trump? I’m willing to wager they do.

Counter Information


By Robert Reich

January 22, 2017 “Information Clearing House” –  I had breakfast recently with a friend who’s a former Republican member of Congress. Here’s what he said:

Him: Trump is no Republican. He’s just a big fat ego.

Me: Then why didn’t you speak out against him during the campaign?

Him: You kidding? I was surrounded by Trump voters. I’d have been shot.

Me: So what now? What are your former Republican colleagues going to do?

Him (smirking): They’ll play along for a while.

Me: A while?

Him: They’ll get as much as they want – tax cuts galore, deregulation, military buildup, slash all those poverty programs, and then get to work on Social Security and Medicare – and blame him. And he’s such a fool he’ll want to take credit for everything.

Me: And then what?

Him (laughing): They like Pence.

Me: What do you mean?

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2 thoughts on “How the GOP Is Playing Trump Until They Can Dump Him

  1. Great link, Carol. Thanks. Sounds like the CIA definitely read this book. It’s amazing how much of their psyops campaigns are derived from fiction. Most serious CIA observers agree that CIA claims about Russia hijacking the elections and Trump’s alleged “golden shower” in Moscow are a deliberate psyops intended to undermine his legitimacy. In the case of the leaked Podesta emails, for example, all the evidence points to a DNC insider leaking them.


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