How Climate Change is Killing People in Bangladesh

30 Million

Directed by Daniel Price and Adrien Taylor (2016)

Film Review

Thirty Million is a New Zealand documentary about how rising sea levels in Bangladesh are already displacing (and killing) people in low lying coastal areas. It depicts quite dramatically how coastal farmers inundated by rising tides are moving into incredibly congested cities, where there is virtually no housing or infrastructure to support them. There many of them die – through lack of food, untreated medical illness or a variety of catastrophic events (fires, building collapse, floods, etc.). Those with above average wealth attempt to leave Bangladesh for Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other destinations.

The film features former Prime Minister Helen Clark in her new role as the administrator of the UN Development Programme. She speaks very eloquently about the urgent need to reduce global carbon emissions. I find it a bit hypocritical in few of her failure to make a serious effort to reduce New Zealand’s CO2 emissions during her stint as prime minister (1999-2008).


7 thoughts on “How Climate Change is Killing People in Bangladesh

  1. Disgraceful psychopaths, delusional tards & assorted criminal global puppets: the UN crime syndacate, their arch fake global warming & green gas banter. They will be held accountable for their lies and mass murders.


    • I think a distinction needs to be made between the climate justice movement, which is genuine and comes from the grassroots and the way corporate America and the UN have perverted it for Wall Street’s profit interests.


      • The big issue is represented by the climate and geo engineering illegal ops. which are a sad, wide-spread reality since the 90s. Jet streams get blocked. Poisonous pollution and experimental substances get sprayed any day causing, violent showers, drought, floods, death of plants, animals and men.
        Then we can talk about the rest of the enstablishment and its polluting global corporations.
        The system, under the fake green , politically fake flag, is imposing heinous carbon taxes, when it is well known that CO2 is the pillar of life. They are imposing high taxation on ground transportation, when it has been proved, only 2% of the pollution depends on those pollutants.
        If the climate justice movement doesn’t use the proper weapons as its own fighting flagship, then my opinion is, the entire movt. is not only useless, but harmful to the truth.


  2. Thanks for sharing this video, Dr. Bramhall. We in the USA must all acknowledge the consequences of our lifestyles on peoples far beyond our borders and work together with the rest of the world in mitigating climate change.


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