Vaccines get all the glory, but most plumbers will tell you that it was water infrastructure – sewage systems and clean water – that eradicated disease, and they’re right.

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

This article from is a very interesting read especially in light of vaccination information. And one would have to ask, are we returning to this state of affairs with our water pollution now? With only 40% of our rivers now safe enough to swim in, courtesy of pollution being so rampant in ‘clean, green’ NZ, reading this article is reminiscent of that. We featured an article recently of a young man contracting Trench Mouth from the Manawatu River. The Thames had sewage dumped in it for instance until somebody joined the dots with the connection to disease. Those days have gone now yet folks still have not learned. Once again sewage, industrial waste and more are being dumped into rivers and people are getting sick as we saw recently in the Hawke’s Bay incident. Nowadays the root cause is not ignorance but more likely corporate profiteering if you…

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    • Not sure why the world needs GMO pineapple. Typically the FDA has approved the product based solely on Del Monte’s assurances that it’s safe. There is never any independent testing of these products prior to approval.


  1. Yes I doubt you will be seeing any of these minor details on the television anytime soon. Vaccines are too busy taking all the accolades for improved health to bother about such minor detail as you mentioned. Interesting that across the developed world,the larger the number of vaccines administered, the higher the infant mortality rate. Also, the acellular whooping cough shot has shown to cause b parapertussis colonization which can be spread to others, so really the jab is worse than ineffective.


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