NZ Blogger seeks political asylum in Russia « The Daily Blog

By   /   January 2, 2017

I’ve known Suzie for about 3 or 4 years. She has attracted intense scrutiny and harassment from the NZ SIS and GCSB because of her proximity to senior members of Anonymous and Occupy. The harassment of her has been pretty extreme and exhausting and I suspect it has taken a toll on her and her young family. What must have been the straw that broke the camels back to seek asylum in Russia has been the allegation of a recent theft of 2 terabytes of information from the National Government.

My understanding is that the Government Intelligence Agencies very much want those two terabytes of information back and are going to pretty extreme levels to keep a mainstream media blackout over it missing at all.

My guess is that those intelligence agencies won’t get it back and that it’s going to explode on wikileaks.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer pack of bastards . . .

Source: NZ Blogger seeks political asylum in Russia « The Daily Blog

Editor’s Note: The primary rationale for Dawson’s harassment relates to exposes she produced as part of the Occupy Auckland media team. She originally left New Zealand with her two young children to escape the harassment. While in Berlin, she had growing reason to believe her passport might be cancelled. At that point she sought asylum in Russia to avoid being rendered a stateless person like Edward Snowden.

Below is documentary Dawson has produced describing in detail the psychological harassment she endured from NZ intelligence – and more shockingly (and illegally) the FBI and NSA. It includes many of the techniques employed against me in the late 1980s (which I describe in The Most Revolutionary Act), including, but not limited to illegal break-ins, phone harassment (repeated crank and hangup calls), gang stalking, audio harassment, gas lighting, targeted messages and digital harassment.

10 thoughts on “NZ Blogger seeks political asylum in Russia « The Daily Blog

  1. This is a really good video about the gang stalking Program.

    There are a couple of things that I would add. Firstly, the 24/7 monitoring that is being reported can only be accomplished by using slave labor. There is a very large pool of slave labor in the form of persons on probation or some similar form of court supervision. In my experience, this is happening in real time, 24/7, and, the people electronically eavesdropping are criminals under official state supervision.

    The second thing conspicuously missing is counter surveillance. You can by a Logictech computer camera, with motion sensor technology, for $20 at Walmart. You can get a Looxcie that can be attached to a hat or other item to film everything going on in real time for under $100 on ebay.


      • If you ask a private investigator how much money it takes for a 24/7 surveillance team to do fixed and mobile surveillance on a single individual,its a lot of money. 168 hours in a week is 4 full time jobs. They are using mainly people on probation or other type of court supervision for the electronic monitoring break-ins and crimes. Most people who are not already in the system will follow people around and do street theater, but they do not have the leverage, or money to make civilians illegally monitor or commit crimes. This Program is an extension of the prison system.

        How do you know that some of your stalkers were on Social Security Disability? I have come across this too, but I believe that most of the people involved are being coerced by probation officers, social workers threatening to take their kids, etc. The system is full of weasels that like to use hammers, like the typical prosecutor.


  2. Here is an example of how I exposed a career criminal that tried to infiltrate my blog’s comment thread with misinformation:

    Scott Hagist permalink

    Really that’s the best advice is to stay calm!
    Meanwhile our lives just don’t matter anymore to anyone!
    My family all turned against me, friends what friends? They wiped them
    Out right from the flip, hell they have even turned my 92 old grandmother against me! As of now I have a choice to make either become homeless or be put in jail via setup. I am really having a hard time making the choice to just leave but bib but I ‘ve heard or read what they do to you once your out on the street with nothing!
    All I can say is that I wouldn’t believe my own story if I was to just hear myself!
    This is no game they mean ing the cops (St Louis county missouri) I really don’t see anyway out of this shit!

    PeaceFrog permalink

    People are usually recruited as gang stalkers from the probation/prison system:

    If you are being coerced by authorities into gang stalking targets of this government Program, then be a man and blow the whistle!

    You are the only person in this country named Scott Hagist according to Intellius:



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