Critics Still See Holes in US ‘Evidence’ of Russian Election Interference


Like the Bush administration’s claims of Iraqi [weapons of mass destruction], the charges that Russia ‘hacked’ the presidential election in November have not been established beyond secret intelligence sources.

Journal of People

by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Common Dreams | 30 December, 2016

On Thursday, the DHS and FBI released a report on alleged Russian election interference, dubbed GRIZZLY STEPPE. (Screenshot)

As the U.S. expels 35 Russian diplomats over hacking charges, critics say the so-called evidence released Thursday alongside President Barack Obama’s sanctions is an insufficient response to calls for hard proof of the allegations.

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6 thoughts on “Critics Still See Holes in US ‘Evidence’ of Russian Election Interference

    • It is really ironic, isn’t it, Schluter, for the US to (falsely) complain about foreign interference in their elections – when they’ve spent more than seven decades trying to rig other countries’ elections.


  1. A disclaimer??… During a press conference with Pres BUsh, a reporter disproved some info he was peddling (with facts), He stated that he was not the creator of the info just the messenger… Then he laughed and said that maybe they should include disclaimers with the reports… lol.. Maybe they are finally taking his advice??


  2. I myself found it quite weird that the intelligence document on which all the new sanctions are based should carry a disclaimer. I had no idea that the notion of having a disclaimer originated with Bush.


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