Veterans Today Predicts Paul Ryan Will Be President in January


A recent article by Gordon Duff, Veterans Today senior editor, predicts House Speaker Paul Ryan will likely assume the US presidency in January. In my view, he correctly points out that Ryan, not Clinton, is the logical constitutional successor if evidence of vote fraud throws the result of the Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania vote into question.

Disclosure: Constitutional Crisis, Trump/Pence Pressured to Withdraw (updated)


Proof of Election Fraud Exists, has been “classified” for “national security reasons” and we all are royally “screwed”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Speaker Paul Ryan may well be President Paul Ryan in January.

Here is what our friends in Israel tell us:

Netanyahu told Trump he is the “chosen,” the messiah.  Look at those Trump surrounded himself with late in the campaign, all Christian Zionists, all Dominionists, most are Creationists as well.  Trump has been doing his best to play the Christ figure.  Oh god, how this is playing out, how they are laughing at us.  

Negotiations are ongoing to find a way to allow Trump and Pence to withdraw, to resign even before taking office.  There is nothing in American law, not the constitution nor any of the laws of succession.

What is known is this:

  • There was massive electronic vote hacking, using programs which erased themselves, exactly as predicted on InfoWars.  All this was done to give Trump key states.
  • There is no statistical possibility a candidate can lose the popular vote by over 2m and win an election.
  • There is now hard evidence of massive absentee voter fraud, Wisconsin and other states, showing a massive criminal conspiracy behind the Trump candidacy.
  • President Obama, as is always the case, is betraying the American people by remaining silent and “doing what is right,” which for him always means “what he is told.”

Read more here: Disclosure: Constitutional Crisis

8 thoughts on “Veterans Today Predicts Paul Ryan Will Be President in January

  1. Yep, no question that both parties are guilty of vote rigging. Also a friend in Florida points out that counting votes “in secret” (including by voting machines) violates the Constitution.

    The first step is is mobilizing people to reject the corrupt electoral system is to get the information out there. And as Jill Stein correctly pointed out via Twitter – Clinton is out of the game because she conceded:

    “Why would Hillary Clinton—who conceded the election to Donald Trump—want #Recount2016? You cannot be on-again, off-again about democracy.”


  2. Good point, PeaceFrog. But this is the first time, to my knowledge, the the issue of widespread vote rigging is receiving mainstream media attention. There’s no hope of reforming the electoral system (or replacing it with something better) unless more people are aware of the massive electoral fraud in the US.


  3. Nope, nothing will happen.
    I tell you what will happen: Some key proposals will be enacted, but the slow disintegration of our civilization will proceed. Oil will climb a little up, ease those states depending on it, capital will reflow again and bring a little bumb to the world economy. Some assets will plunge heavily next year – real estate, insurance thereof or anything related – but most will just pace further a little bit up. Russia and China will thumb down on Syria, a few will return. Most will return 2018, and other countries will flare up and gather the worlds eyes. Maybe Nothern South America, who knows. The Philippines jumped out of line, maybe a little bit of neocon heavoc will set them straight. The ice shields will melt a little bit faster and growth of inanities on the net will too. Maybe there is a link, I don’t know.


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