Children of the Insanely Rich

Born Rich: Children of the Insanely Rich

Directed by Jamie Johnson (2003)

Film Review

Born Rich is the first documentary of Johnson and Johnson heir Jamie Johnson, who also directed The 1%.

The film mainly consists of interviews with Johnson’s fellow heirs and heiresses about their feelings about being rich, their lifelong dependency on their parents, their struggle finding something meaningful to do with their lives and their sense of loneliness and isolation from wider society.

Despite Johnson’s effort portray his interviewees in an objective light, most  appear to live incredibly superficial and shallow lives. Nevertheless a few, like Johnson, are openly critical of a lifestyle based on accumulating fabulous luxuries and ostentatiously spending money.

2 thoughts on “Children of the Insanely Rich

  1. From what I’ve heard, he tends to be fairly typical. Twenty years ago, it was common for rich kids to go on cruises together where there was competition to spend at least $1,000 a day. With inflation, I reckon the $1,000 a day club is now the $10,000 a day club.


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