Donate to Fund Recount in WI, MI and PA


The US Green Party needs to raise $5-6 million by November 30 to fund the recounts Jill Stein has called for in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennsylvania – states where Donald Trump prevailed by only 50,000 votes or so. There have also been numerous reports of vote rigging and/or voting machine irregularities in these states.

Irregardless of the outcome of the recount, this represents an unprecedented opportunity to highlight electoral fraud in US presidential elections.

According to Jill Stein’s website, it only took them 24 hours to raise $3 million to meet tomorrow’s deadline for the Wisconsin recount.

To donate, go to Recount Splash

12 thoughts on “Donate to Fund Recount in WI, MI and PA

  1. do you really believe that this money is from “grassroots”? this is to help Clinton, pretty obvious. the amounts donated do not come from grassroots that I know. compare your post to zerohedge.


  2. raised an average of 160,000 per hour, on Thanksgiving? come on….anyone can guess that she is funded from Clinton foundation, to steal an election that has been rigged for Clinton. stein has NO reason to audit it. visit jim stone website. he has followed it the whole time.


    • lol; you can visit her fundraiser site and see how the totals were about 160,000 per hour, on Thanksgiving. already, she has raised more than her entire campaign did. visit zerohedge,com, for starters. stein has NOTHING to gain from this, other than money left over in her raiser.


      • I am well aware of the totals – and the fact that there was a limit of $2,700 on donations and that all donors were required to respond to a list of questions establishing their identity. You’re suggesting that Jill Stein is committing a federal crime by misrepresenting her donors to the Federal Election Commission? What proof do you have of that?

        As for Stein’s motivation, I don’t think you understand the global Green Party movement very well. I’m a member here in New Zealand. I donated to the recounted and encouraged other members to do so. One of our chief objectives is to end corporate corruption of democratic government. There is evidence of vote rigging on both sides. It was Democratic vote rigging that cost Bernie Sanders the primary election.

        There is a great deal of concern internationally about ongoing election fraud in the US. If you count international donors (which is permissible under US law), I don’t see any problem getting to $160,000.

        I’m curious what proof (documentation) you have that this money came from the Clinton Foundation. It sure sounds like unfounded speculation to me.

        I suggest you file a formal application with the US Electoral Commission (after 30 Nov) for a list of the donors to the recount effort. That should establish conclusively where the money is coming from.


  3. $160,00 per hour, for more than 24 hours? on a special holiday here? does not make good sense. Yes, much of it is “speculation,” as were many past hoaxes. if you or I are waiting for the smoking gun we would never find even morsels of truth. I am having doubts about whether you really have an open mind. the truth is that I don’t belong on your blogsite, with climate change and green party fakes. did you visit zerohedge? the answer is obvious.


  4. You don’t have to support a criminal like Hillary Clinton to want a recount in an election in which you are convinced there has been election fraud. I believe there has been election fraud in every U.S. election in more than a decade. It hasn’t always been used to change the result, it has been used to make election results look closer than they actually were. We know democrats outnumber republicans in the U.S. so the rulers want to keep the GOP (their favorite party) to stay relevant. It helps them continue the democrat vs. GOP game that traps most people.

    I’m angry about the democrats cheating Bernie Sanders so I want a recount for the purposes of transparency – not for a democrat victory.

    We need to get rid of election machines.


    • I agree totally with this argument. If both sides have been vote rigging (which I think the recount will show), then we should follow the Constitution and appoint the Speaker of the House as acting president (as Veterans Today suggests) until a new election can be organized.


      • curious that Mich just finished their “official” count. didn’t notice any obvious.suspicious issues? IF the deadline to file for recount has passed, what is the plan? there is likely a long history of vote rigging which never went to the Congress. I have zero trust in stein’s motives. I stand with my first comment that the $$ were not coming from grass roots people. those who love grass and roots think it is…no more comments.


  5. my original comment was that the recount was not from grassroots, and I think the grass root party agrees with me. if you had read the ZH article you would have seen an automatic donation total of $4000 or more per minute. as for rigging, I have been convinced of that for more than a decade. I am still convinced that HC is the major supporter of this fund, in an attempt to steal the election. I don’t believe DT is the savior, but he is 999% better than a criminal and murderer.


    • I did read the ZH article and my experience with global crowdfunding campaigns is that when you allow a maximum contribution of $2,700 (as this one did) it’s fairly common to get $1,000+ donations for several hours at least. I think ZH is just plain wrong about this because they have no experience with crowdfunding.

      I definitely agree that many Clinton supporters (more than half of the electorate) made donations but the fact remains that there were no donations over $2,700 and the Green Party can be criminally prosecuted if they were.

      I, too, am greatly relieved Trump won. That’s not the issue here. The issue is that the US electoral system is deeply corrupt. I agree with Veterans Today that both sides participated in vote rigging and if this can be brought out by the recount then we should follow constitutional provisions and appoint Paul Ryan president:


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