California officially becomes first state to ban plastic bags


Plastic bags release numerous toxic chemicals when they degrade, including endocrine disruptors that cause cancer, infertility, and autoimmune and neurodevelopmental disease.

AGR Daily News

California just made history by becoming the first state in the Union to officially ban plastic bags. The California Plastic Bag Veto Referendum (Proposition 67) was approved by voters on Nov. 8 by a narrow margin of 51.97% in favor to 48.03% opposed. The narrow win came despite a $6 million campaign waged by the out-of-state plastic bag industry.

Source: California officially becomes the first state to ban plastic bags | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

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5 thoughts on “California officially becomes first state to ban plastic bags

  1. But this means we’ll have to find other ways, beyond suffocation, to kill the Hollywood morons, when we all rise up and smite the beast!


    • I guess we’ll just need to smuggle in bags from Nevada or Oregon – so long as we evade the fruit inspection stations. When I first visited California in 1972 all cars had to stop at inspection stations to have their cars searched for fruit. It’s still illegal to bring fruit into California, but as I understand it only trucks have to stop at the current inspection stations.

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      • The car inspection had ended by the time I moved to LA in 1981. I was just in time for the “low riders”.

        I loved the people I knew in LA. LA was just on another planet, an alternative universe, if you will, that took some adjustment for this Midwest boy.


  2. Wow Gerard, that’s fabulous. I wish they would adopt a bottle deposit in New Zealand – especially on the plastic ones. It’s sure been a long time coming. A few years ago, I was surprised to learned the current recycling trend was introduced by the bottling industry to prevent a deposit from being implemented. What cunning strategy.


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