Trump to Withdraw Support for Moderate Syrian Terrorists


According to the Independent, president-elect Donald Trump has confirmed campaign promises to withdraw US support for “moderate” terrorist groups in Syria.

He maintains that his administration will focus on defeating the Islamic State, and find common ground with the Syrians and their Russian backers.

Acknowledging strong dislike for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Trump asserts that shoring up his regime is the best way to stem the extremism that has flourished in the chaos of the civil war and threatens the US.

“I’ve had an opposite view of many people regarding Syria,” he said in interview with the Wall Street Journal. “My attitude was you’re fighting Syria, Syria is fighting ISIS, and you have to get rid of ISIS. Russia is now totally aligned with Syria, and now you have Iran, which is becoming powerful, because of us, is aligned with Syria.”

How strangely logical.

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5 thoughts on “Trump to Withdraw Support for Moderate Syrian Terrorists

  1. ” everyone is trading with our blood and suffering.” Only time will tell if this truly changes, i hope for best but remain skeptical that US War Machine and Wall Street will lay down there Arms


    • You’re right, gerry, time will tell. But from everything I read, the current war in the Middle East is driven by the CIA/State Department faction and many generals in the Pentagon believe it’s a waste of resources and that US troops and contractors should be withdrawn.


  2. It was interesting in the final debate between Trump and Clinton to see revealed the sharp difference of opinion on Syria between Trump and Pence, Pence for “strength against Russia”, Trump saying he hadn’t talked to Pence about Syria, and that he disagreed with Pence. It seems highly unusual, even incomprehensible, that Trump and Pence hadn’t talked about then come to shared perspectives on Syria, right up there with Gary Johnson’s blanking on Aleppo, and causes one to suspect that Trump used Pence only to win the rust belt states and evangelicals and will “fire” him in due time. Par for the course in the most bizarre U.S. presidential election in history…


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